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Hi everyone, I'm new on here, a little nervous about posting, but wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I started my IVF treatment on Monday with 225iu merional injections. I had my second scan today to be told my ovaries are too high as they are up by my abdomen. Merional has been increased to 450iu, in the hope that more follicles produce will weigh the ovaries down. I have my next scan on Monday but have been told if my ovaries are still high they will abandon the cycle. I started the week feeling positive and have ended the week on a downer. Has anyone experienced this and did you end up carrying on with treatment?


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  • Hi Rassy, welcome :) I have not experienced this myself and hopefully some ladies that have will come and give some advice. But what I can say is that you never know what is round the next corner with a cycle and there is still time for things to fit into place. Try to stay positive Monday is a long way off in a cycle. Good luck xx

  • Hi bluewanderlust, thanks for your words of encouragement to stay positive. I will certainly take what you say on board and hope all falls into place by Monday xx.

  • Hello Rassy12, I've kind of had this! on my last cycle my right ovary did this, but we didn't know until egg collection, as I don't have internal scans it's not always clear. Anyway I had quite a lot of eggs that just couldn't be collected which was devastating, so this time they will be doing a trans abdominal egg retrieval, so basically go through my tummy so they can get to both ovaries, perhaps worth talking to your clinic about this? Best of luck and keep us posted and how you get on xxx

  • Hi Aleelilook, I had read about abdominal egg retrieval after I received the news, my consultant didn't mention this as an option, but if it comes to it I will certainly ask. Thanks for the advice and good luck with your egg retrieval xx

  • hi.mine was the same.becouse of drugs,doctor says,of gonal f..injected every day 125.i was feeling like a balloon.after my scan doctor cancel my drugs and stop everything abouth 2 months.and then start again lower dose drugs gonal f.one day 115.next 75.after again 115.and again 75.and then was briliant and egg colection got nice 7 eggs an all 7 was nice embryos.but with 1st transfer nothing-now august-september waiting new frozen transfer.....

    good luck-sorry about my grammar im latvian girl.

  • Hi Judit1414, I know what you mean when you say you felt like a balloon, I do feel very bloated and am just hoping this passes. At least on a lower dose you produced some good embryos, so that's something to be positive about in Aug/Sept , good luck and thank you xx

  • Couple of options - retrieval trans abdominal is an option as long as no serious adhesions/modules related to endometriosis or retrieval as normal but using general anaesthetic where they try and manipulate ovary into a better position pressing on your tummy. Sometimes they will move down by themselves. If you don't have any history of endometriosis then trans abdominal retrieval should be possibly, they didn't do that in my case as my ovary was stuck behind my uterus and stuck to bowel & ureter as well so too risky, but hopefully possible for you. Good luck x

  • Hi there. I've just come home from first stimulation scan - one ovary high up with only a few small follicles - dr asked if I'd had surgery which can create adhesions apparently but I haven't. I'm at a loss to be honest to understand. I've also had my meds increased. Good luck to you. I know what you mean about feeling on a downer. It's all such a long, tough journey. Guess all we can do is hang in there... xx

  • Hi, I had my 1O day scan today and my left ovary is not as high as it was and can be seen by the internal scan, whereas before it could only be seen with the abdominal scan. My right one is still too high. I only have 4 follicles on the left, but they are going to go ahead and try egg collection on Friday, although it was termed a 'challenge'. Don't give up hope as you still have time for changes to happen, we just need to think positively. Fingers crossed everything works out xx

  • I wish you the very best of luck. We should be proud of ourselves for getting this far and not giving up.

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