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CD3 instead of CD25-What is going on

i was on cd22 and had spotting, now im on cd3 and things are not going to plan.

am i ovulating early for af to show early or what. i cant see fertility doctor till october and i dont think my gp will be helpful.

im losing weight for IVF also, but i want to try self insemination first.

i did opk's and only had 2 lines but 2nd line wasnt dark and was told in ttc groups it wasnt post opk.

so what shall i do, i dont know what to do.

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Are you saying you only had some spotting on cd 22 but nothing since? If the spotting was brown then it was probably old blood from last time, our daughter gets this every month for a few days before she starts her af properly. OPK's are only positive if the test line is as dark or darker than the control line.

I know it's difficult but try not to get too stressed as that's likely to make it worse. Good luck xx


i spotted cd22 and then i have been bleeding since so i classed it as af


Hi Erica_Davies. Not too sure what you've been doing, but if you are self-inseminating, could you just start doing so from Day 10 until Day 15. Hopefully you will cover ovulation, and the sperm you use will live for 4 days or more too in your tubes, if they are OK, so plenty should be waiting for your egg to arrive. Good luck with it all. Diane


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