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What is going on?! Sickness, spotting, 10dp3dt


I honestly don’t know what is going on. I had bleeding this morning and presumed AF had arrived, but it ended up been very light and hasn’t continued since. I have had one pos pregnancy test and Negative tests since (all tested in morning). The last two days I have felt really queasy and tired. Has anyone got any experiences similar to this? I literally do no know what is going on. It seems cruel that af hasn’t just arrived in full force to let me know it has actually failed!! OTD is tomorrow, however it’s a blood test at the clinic (2 hour drive for us) so they said I could have a blood test at my GPS today instead as AF had arrived. Now af hasn’t arrived and my blood results won’t be back until Monday and I run out of oestrogen tablets tonight. Arghhh .... you literally couldn’t make this up?! Has anyone at all had spotting this late and negatives and gone on to get a bfp or am I living in the clouds?! Thanks in advance xxx

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Lovely we both had 3dt on same day. My clinic do a blood test on Monday but have said I could do a home test on Saturday. According to the timeline I have been following hcg in start going into blood stream Tuesday/Wednesday so maybe it’s just building up? Can you still go tomorrow? Everything crossed for you xxx

I've no similar experiences I'm afraid but I hope you get your positive. Xx


No experience of this, when I had my chemical pregnancy my bleeding started as bright red spotting which progressed very quickly in heavy bleeding & I was taking progesterone pessaries (which didn’t stop the bleeding. ).

Must be awful for you not knowing what is going on, I hope you get answers soon & it’s better news for you. xoxo

Hi Cako,

I have no good news stories or advice unfortunately but just wanted to wish you luck and say I'm going through pretty much the same thing.

I'm 10p5dt and started with a bit of blood Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Nothing all day yesterday then a lot more last night. Was convinced af would be in full flow by now but it's like it's skipped to how it usually is the final day.

I'm devastated as I'm convinced it hasn't worked but because it isn't here full flow I'm clutching at the tiniest glimmer of hope that maybe it will be ok.

I haven't taken any tests yet as I'm pretty sure I know the result and can't bare to see that BFN x


Hi Cako123. I would hold on to the fact that the bleeding has stopped. Unfortunately these unexplained bleeds can happen, then all turns out to be OK. I would have thought you have probably been to the clinic by now, so hope all worked out well for you. Diane

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