What is going on???

I am now 3 days late. I've been waiting for my period to start so I can begin my first clomid cycle. I had cramps and spotting but nowhere near period level of blood. I've been doing pregnancy tests like a lunatic and they're all negative- I'm using the Clear Blue Digi ones too so I know I'm not misreading the result. I tried calling my Gynae today to make an appointment but they're closed til the 27th. Could it be stress that is delaying AF? Or was the spotting AF? I wish I knew what my body was doing.

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  • Hi Kernishp, this sounds really frustrating. I hope you get your answer (one way or the other) soon. Good luck x

  • Thanks- it's very hard not to hate my body right now, not only will it not conceive a child- it also won't let me do the things to help assist it. Gah!

  • It can feel like it's doing it deliberately to taunt you! I would have thought nothing of my period being a couple of days late before I was ttc. In fact, although I'm pretty regular, it probably happened all the time without me even realising! Now even a day late drives me crazy!

  • Unfortunately our bodies like to keep us on our toes... I was 12 days late for my last cycle and it was the one I needed to have before booking on for FET. I think the stress doesn't help.

    Hope you get some answers soon xx

  • Hello Kernishp. This is a very common problem when you want your period to start it doesn't and when your don't want it to start it does. I have had this problem so many times since I started my fertility treatment. This sounds like stress to me because I would have spotting for a day and then nothing. I have had 40 - 50 day cycles with tummy aches but no blood. So I would recommend to stop doing the pregnancy tests. I know exactly what you mean you wish you knew what your body was doing. So you need to take your mind off it by having some fun and chilling out in the evenings. Keep your tummy warm and use a hot water bottle on it in the evenings. Your period will happen when it's ready to. Look after yourself. Tasha x

  • Thanks ladies. I had horrific cramps last night on my right hand side, so bad my mum in law was going to take me to A&E as the word 'appendicitis' was being mooted. Anyway, took some codeine and managed to get a few hours sleep and this morning the cramps have moved to my womb so I think AF is on her way with a vengeance. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  • Hi. How you feeling now? Has anything happened in the last few days? Tasha x

  • You wouldn't believe it- period started 4 days late accompanied by a lot of pain, which turned out to be a kidney infection that landed me in hospital for 4 days. I spent Boxing Day and my first wedding anniversary on a drip in a hospital bed. All this was off the back of having Shingles in the middle of December. All in all, a pretty rubbish Christmas!

  • I'm so sorry to hear that, that really is bad luck. I hope you have a good New Year. Look after yourself.

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