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8dp5dt I think I've been getting false positives 😭.. senstive update now included


UPDATE: took a first response test and it has actually shown up positive. So despite the other tests clearly being faulty it actually looks like a possible BFP 🙁🤞

Ive been testing since 5dp.. super early I know but I couldn't wait and it showed up positive. Positive every day since but line wasnt darkening and just had a weird feeling something wasnt right.

So ive just tested my tap water with my tests and its actually got a darken line than me!

I need to go buy a different test now to double check but im feeling pretty sure all these positives have been false and im so angry at this extra kick in the teeth.

Ill update later as soon as I get a chance to get a test though to be honest I nearly dont even want to see that negative result now.

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Awww no way!!😱😥 I've never heard of that before. Good luck & remember still early days too!🤞🏻xxx

Yeah I looked a bit further into the test reviews and found a handful of other people with the same problem.

Thank you ill update when I get a reputable test later x

Bloody hell, those should be banned/illegal. What make are they?xx

Femometer. Bought them on amazon as supposed to be an early test etc. Going to be sending a complaint once i confirm for sure they are wrong. Although clearly somethings not right when my waters pregnant! X

Well I'm defo never using those then that's for sure!! That's shocking....!!xx

That is so strange. Wishing you lots of luck! As Cinderella says, still early days xxx

Thank you xo

WTF! That’s outrageous. I’m so sorry lovely but doesn’t mean a real test won’t be positive! I know you must be so disappointed though, hope you get good news later xx

aamiller405 in reply to KiboXX

Thank you.. tbh i felt like it hasnt worked this time i guess why I started to distrust the test but absolutely ridiculous that the test worked in water x

Hi!I've used cheap tests too but after the first positive, I also did a clear blue on the same day.

Sometimes, if you dilute your urine with water, some antibodies that are stuck to the HCG, will separate from the HCG molecules. This will give you a darker line in the tests as the free HCG increases.

I also checked that my urine was not too diluted. I tend to retain liquid so my morning urine is very clear. I peed in a cup, checked the colour, and then did the tests. The lines not getting darker is so frightening.

All the best! Hopefully, they are not false positive!

aamiller405 in reply to Elfine

Thank you..i really hope you get your little miracle too ❤️

Oh lovely, that’s just shocking 😫 I really hope you get your positive with a different test. Keeping everything crossed for you xx

aamiller405 in reply to Solly-44

Thank you xo

Update posted x

KiboXX in reply to aamiller405

This is fab news!!! Congrats lovely xxx

That's great news!!! So happy for you! Xx

aamiller405 in reply to Mup80

Thank you ❤️

Wooooo hooo! That’s awesome news lovely! 🥳

Thank you ❤️

Congratulations 🥳 !!!

aamiller405 in reply to Mimisami

Thank you ❤️

OMG! I’m so happy for you 😬🥰💖 congratulations xx

Thank you..im in shock 🤣 x

I bet you are! I cannot even imagine the excitement. Thrilled for you. And it gives me hope too xxx

Everything crossed for you x

Loving your update! Congratulations xx

aamiller405 in reply to Solly-44

Thanks so much x

Woo hoo....super pleased for you lovely!!🙌🏻 Quiet congrats.🤞🏻🤞🏻xxx

Thank you so much xo

Eeeek fab news! Congratulations xxx

Thank you x


That’s great news congratulations!! Where are you having your treatment if you don’t mind me asking? Hope it all goes well xxx

aamiller405 in reply to Hidden

Thank you.. Im belfast fertility x

Hidden in reply to aamiller405

👍👍 are you having any symptoms?

aamiller405 in reply to Hidden

Nope nothing at all really this time so far!x

Wow, that's amazing news! What a rollercoaster!! Best of luck with everything hun 💕😊 xxxx

aamiller405 in reply to Chel91

I know right.. thank you ❤️

I am 100% sure that even if you take 10 negatives tests you shouldn’t take them seriously! You Need a blood test In correct time as you clinic should advise you!

aamiller405 in reply to ClaudiaS

Unfortunately my clinic is not longer doing blood tests so i have to base my result on a pregnancy test on OTD x

ClaudiaS in reply to aamiller405

My last clinic explained to me when i did the quick tests and i was getting a negative that with their statistics 7% of their clients take a fake negative even after 5 tests and sadly even more take fake positives. So i think a blood test is crucial to arrange medication support or not... you can go private.

aamiller405 in reply to ClaudiaS

I am private.. due to covid only essential visits to the clinic x

Ps . Your psychology matter the most!

Amazing news! What a relief. Congratulations xxx

aamiller405 in reply to JoN83

Thank you ❤️

Yippeee!! Fab news, you must be thrilled 😁 😁 Congratulations xx

Thank you.. cautiously thrilled at the moment id say x

Happy to read you have had your positive after some false positives. I have in the past tested early and my mind was in overtime 24/7. I promised myself going forward only to test on OTD. But of course our curiosity gets the better of us and who can blame us. The 2ww is hell

aamiller405 in reply to Hope76

Thank you.. it really is isnt it! Feels like 2years rather than 2weeks

Congratulations - amazing news!!! 🥰

aamiller405 in reply to Jrss1

Thanks ❤️

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