What is going on? :(

Ok. So I'm sticking with my not googling...

Well that's a lie. Each morning I have one google "#dp3dt no symptoms" just to check that I'm not the only one.

I'm 9dp3dt today. Up until today all I've had is some gripey pains each day since ET and one 4am wake up of stabbing pains about 4 or 5 days after ET.

But I swear my period pains are getting worse. My lower back aches and my period pains are stronger. Like stronger than a normal period; like I'm going to have a very heavy period.

I don't want to google this. I don't want to see the many different reasons from people I don't know.

And I know I don't know you lot personally; but you're better than Google. This can't be right. Can it really still be the pessary side effects? :( x

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  • I've had cramps from day 5 to day 10 then it seemed to have stopped I had a weird shooting pain in my left side a few times yesterday almost like someone was giving me an electric shock and the pain shot from my left side up to the top of my left back shoulder it was bizarre but went on for about5 mins. Maybe a trapped nerve or something but weird. I'm spotting today at13dpt so another definite sign it's over for me I think. On the plus side it's looking gorgeous next Sunday for me to go sit in a beer garden for the first time in 5 months. They do say these cramps can be signs of the drugs and our bodies settling down so who knows. My sis in law said she had early cramps with both her pregnancies. I wonder how long we all spend googling on this journey, bloody hours il bet xx

  • :( it's just frustrating. x

  • I know god knows what I'd be like if I got past two week wait, I bet between then and first scan just as google crazy and stressful if not more xx

  • That's so true! x

  • When is your OTD? x

  • Monday but already had 3 negatives so Ill be shocked if it changes x

  • :( x

  • All I'll say is hon unless you've some bleeding the cramping really could be anything!! I had sharp middle of night pains too. And I've had backache on and off since last week. You'll be right as rain I'm sure of it xx

  • And as just discussed. It is pissing it down! ;)

    Pah. Bloody ivf. x

  • Little speckles of pink when I wipe. :(

  • Hi Hun,

    Try not to fret just yet, I had a slight bit of spotting / and slightly pink when I wiped, and Thsts when I did my pregnancy test . Im pretty sure I was 10dp5dt .

    When's your official test day ?

    I'll keep everything crossed for you. Xxxxx

  • I've got 2. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday. :/ x

  • Pink speckles can be caused by anything. It ain't over yet xx

  • My bff just asked me if I'd sat on a pin or two by the way I'd described it to her. It's these pains too! x

    How's the wedding?

  • I'm hiding in the loo to avoid a conversation about the baby show. There are two expectant fathers on the table. They must be finished now though so I'll head on back...

  • U know what after going through so much . If u hadn't panicked I would have been worried about u. U r fine my dear. I think I would even crazier than u once I get to transfer. So do whatever u feel is right and helps u go through this never ending 2 w wait. 😘

  • Powered through the afternoon. Three days to go... x

  • Stop worrying you! i still get period cramps now! It doesn't mean anything. You are only a few days from your otd time to power through xx

  • Crossing everything x

  • Praying for you, Emu! xx

  • Thanks. No more spotting since this yesterday. Trying to be super positive today! :) xx

  • You've got this!!

  • I've not experienced this but from reading everyone else's posts, you just can't call it, all you can do is just get through the days! And your doing pretty good so far, home stretch now!!!x

  • I can see the finish line! x

  • Hang on in there emu it must be an incredibly hard and anxious time for you but stay strong and positive xxx

  • Almost there now x

  • Good luck! I hope u get the best news =)

  • Thanks! x

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