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Hi All

I have just had the phone call from the embryologist to say three out of four of our eggs have fertilised over night so over the moon.

I am currently booked in for a three day transfer on Saturday as it's too early to tell how good they are. If one becomes dominant they will delay transfer to five days.

My question is how many do I have put back if we do do a three day transfer. One or two? The embryologist recommends one due to my age (I'm 39) and because it's our first go. Personally I don't think it being your first go should come into it.

I would be more than happy with twins so that isn't an issue. I'm assuming you have a higher chance with more than one put in but don't really know so any experience or advice would be much appreciated.

I also have ashermans and an atrophic womb so I think putting two back in increases the chances of one of them finding a nice part of my womb to bury in to!

Thanks xx

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  • Hi there, it's Alway a tough decision to make. From what my embryologist has told me, the more you put back doesn't necessarily mean a higher chance it could also mean a lower chance because you going to have three embryos almost 'fighting' for a spot.

    I don't believe being a first time has anything to do with anything. Everyone's body reacts differently and you only learn that the hard way :(

    Best of luck with your decision. Also ask your embryologist to do assist hatching, it apparently assists the embryo to hatch out of the shell onto the uterus wall easily.

  • That's great thanks. I will ask them about that x

  • Hi, I think this is always one of the toughest choice - I've had 3 cycles my first 1 transferred and following 2. My 1st I fell pregnant and miscarried, other we're unsuccessful so although they say more embryos increasing chances of multiples I always wonder if actually it decreases the chances of 1 good quality embryo having the chance to 'stick'. Good luck with whatever you decide x

  • Thanks. Yes it's tough! I think it depends if there is a really good one. You just don't know what to do for the best! X

  • Definitely, although my last cycle 1 embryo was hatching and still unsuccessful and I hear plenty of stories of not so good embryo and BFP still. If only there was some guarantee would make this whole journey a little easier! Hopefully once they give you some idea of grading it'll help with your decision x

  • Sorry to hear your cycles were unsuccessful. I just wish they'd give you a recommendation based on odds as well as risks. X

  • Thank you - thats very true, I suppose they can't seem to be giving false hope as everyone's bodies are different. Is this your first cycle? X

  • Yes it's gone better than we expected so far as got very low amh so really pleased. X

  • That's good news, fingers crossed it continues that way 🤞x

  • I had 2 embryos transferred and 1 implanted. It's depends on your womb and quality of embryos. You might end up transferring 2 because they only freeze top grade embryo. If nothing to freeze they might do 2. That's what happened to me

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. Did they give you the choice or advise you?

  • We've decided to go with what the clinic recommends. They are the experts. They told us that statisticly the odds of it working with two is hardly any higher than with one. If however two do implant it isn't just the thought of whether you can cope with twins, it means the pregnancy will be higher risk for both you and the babies. I look at it this way; if the odds aren't much better then we are potentially losing two embryos instead of one. Good luck whatever you decide xx

  • Thank you. That's very logical and rational. Mine hasn't mentioned statistics but it was over the phone today and I was a little overwhelmed to ask questions. X

  • It's worth asking about the statistics and any associated risks so you can make the best decision for you and your embryos xx

  • I will do thank you. My hubby will be with me at transfer and he normally asks the best questions as I'm too busy thinking a million things! X

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