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Day 5 Transfer Day...2 embryos

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Hi all

So at EC we got 8 eggs, 7 were suitable and 5 fertilised, at day three all 5 embryos were still going strong with three in particular doing especially well, and could be left to progress to day five (yay!).

Got the call this morning (day 5) regarding transfer and of the five, 2 are looking 'OK' to transfer and one of the others may improve if left to day 6. The rest haven't progressed. So it's all systems go for a transfer of 2 embryos this afternoon - woohoo!

Whilst I KNOW this is good news, the embryologist wasn't exactly raving about the 2 they want to put back in, using the grading system of 1-6 (6 being the best) she said these were a 2 and 3 which has made me a bit nervous. I do feel a bit deflated that there probably won't be any to freeze, as it does put even more pressure on this go working now. I know we are in a good position but you know what it's like - your mind starts working overtime & it was such a different phone call to the extremely positive one on Saturday telling us that all 5 were still going strong. The embryologist was just using so much jargon and rabbiting on for ages so I really had no idea what she was saying except that the only two viable for transfer were 'OK'. She didn't exactly fill me with confidence. Waaah! This bloody IVF rollercoaster!

I was just wondering if anyone had a similar story which resulted in a BFP? Thanks x

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Hi PennyPrimrose. Oh dear! This grading business can be a nightmare. Anyhow, by now you will have probably had your little embryo(s) transferred, and I hope all went well with that. It looks as if your embryologist is working on getting another one to survive, and let’s hope he/she is able to store it frozen. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

I am completely new to this forum. I was really devastated after my first scan this morning - day 10 on Gonal f. I was informed by the nurse that my follicles are very small. I was heart broken. This is my first ivf cycle and have been praying and hoping that everything goes in my favour. My medication has been increased to 450 units and another scan booked for Wednesday. 

Please, has anyone had this odd experience in the past? I am completely shaken to my bones. I think I am loosing the will to fight on. All I can think about now is how I would react if the size of the follicles have not increased by Wednesday. Someone please, help me out


I think you've meant to put this on the main forum rather than as a reply to my above message..?! But strangely enough at my first scan after doing the injections I was told exactly the same thing as you - my follicles were too small and it looked like they may cancel my cycle , I was absolutely gutted! So that day I went home, drank loads of milk ate loads of protein and had a hot water bottle on my tummy pretty much constantly (I read all these tips on here) and two days later at the second scan miraculously my follicles had grown substantially. They kept me on the meds and then everything went as it should. I got 8 eggs at retrieval in the end and had my embryo transfer today. So use that hot water bottle and don't give up hope, it is a massive roller coaster and your next scan may be completely different - Youre not out the game yet! X

Waoh!its encouraging reading your reply. This has boosted my morale. Good to hear you had your embryo transfer today. Keeping my faith positive for you. Hopefully, this coming two weeks will fly past quickly. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Please , keep us updated on your pregnancy news.

Best of luck.

Hiya just to give you some hope I had a grade 2 and a grade 3 transferred and both little monkeys took I now have 6 month old boy/girl twins. Fingers crossed and good luck xxx

Thank you so much Sarah. It's lovely to hear some positive news like that! Congratulations! Any tips for implantation? Xx

Relax as much as you can I know it's easier said than done but it's a must. I went to a spa for a few days. Listened to lots of relaxing music especially before bed every night. Also laugh lots. There have been studies shown that laughing can help implantation so I watched lots of comedy films. I don't know if any of this was the reason it worked but it certainly didn't hurt so why not. I have everything crossed for you and let me know the outcome xxx

Thanks so much , I'll follow all this advice! And will keep you posted. Much appreciated xx

Hi Sarah

I'm currently 11dp 5dt and feeling so periody ! I have constantly felt since the beginning like AF is about to arrive. I was wondering how you felt in your 2ww given that you had the same amount and grade embryos transferred as me. You know what this time is like - I've now started to analyse absolutely everything ! I think you go a bit mad in the final few days! Hope you and your twins are well :) X

Hi Penny I'm so sorry for late reply I have been away this weekend. You must be near to testing day now? How are you feeling? I did feel exactly the same as you described and I remember telling my hubby the night before testing day that I was sure that my period was coming as I started to get the dull ache and that the IVF hasn't worked how wrong was I!! Keep me posted I still have everything crossed for you xx

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