Transfer done - not sure how to feel?

Hey everyone. So today we had 5 day transfer. I'm 37, husband older had VR it's our first icsi. I didn't quite take it all in when embryologist spoke to us, but they put two embryos back in. She said they weren't top grade, I think she mentioned b's and c's. She wasn't negative at all or say they were low quality or anything like that. One was hatching, one wasn't. She said she's seen plenty of pregnancies from b's and c's. I'm not sure how to feel about it all? Worrying that this will never work as we're too old. Sorry for all the doom n gloom ☹️ Xxx

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  • If you're too old then I am too 😞 There are many older ladies on here..

    Try not to overthink the grades. Your embryologist is correct and many women get their bfp from lower graded embryos. Good luck xx

  • Thank you. I think I need to be grateful for where we are and see what happens. Xx

  • I'm 37 and pregnant after our first transfer (second cycle - first cycle had none to transfer). Fingers crossed for you!

  • That's good news well done! I think it's because my husband is quite a bit older and had a vasectomy reversal that I feel so negative. I just have to wait and see! But well done you 😊 Xx

  • Dear Bibble-2016,

    I might be mistaken, but as far as I know it isn't too old!!! I hope and pray that everything's going to be fine. And I want you to think positively! Please, do) I'm convinced that this too is very-very important! I'm just getting prepared to take the journey many of the ladies here are going through, so I can't say that I know how you feel. And I've never been 37. But it's not an age. It's just a digit in your ID, dear. When your husband is with you, when your doctor is supporting you and guiding through, when many of us are holding fingers and praying for you, you too should stay positive and only positive. Don't let anything bring you down! God bless you and let it happen!!! Xxx

  • Thank you for your kind words and thoughts xx

  • Good luck, we are just waiting on sperm retrieval before our icsi can start due to my hubby being older and a failed vr. Will be thinking of you xxx

  • Us and our older men eh! πŸ˜‰ They're worth it though. I have to remind myself when I get so caught up in wanting children that a few years ago I was happy to have just found my husband. I wish you all the luck for your treatment. I've had a mixture of emotions and not always felt how I expected. I think main thing is he kind to yourself and let your feelings out xxx

  • At 37 years old your not old I'm on my record ivf August and I turn 43 in September. Had one failed ivf in March we had 2 5 day blasts transferred and both top quality. Good luck xxx

  • I think all my worry has come from that it took quite a bit of stimulation to get my follicles going, then the news today we had lower quality embryos. I don't really know what I was expecting to be honest. Don't think I was even expecting top grade but yet somehow I still got this idea into my head now that things aren't good for us. To be fair it's a trait of mine to jump the gun, totally, so if this doesn't work I might try to hold out for the follow up before I start diagnosing myself with bleak outcomes. I wish you so, so much luck with your cycle. Thank you for your message xx

  • My friend got pregnant via ivf at 36 with one egg which was a 3dpt. Hang in and think positive. I also have a friend 33 who had a very low grade that she had a fet at Xmas she has her baby boy soon. I'm praying for you I hope you get good news xxx

  • Best of luck, hope it works for u and your partner xx

  • Thank you, hope you don't have to wait too long for yours to start xx

  • Thank you. I'm patiently waiting x

  • Hi, husband is 50 with low sperm after a vasectomy reversal. I'm a bit more relaxed today, what will be will be. My body and my ovaries are what they are. Was just a bit of a blow to think that perhaps there are issues on my side not just his. Ah well, onwards and upwards xxxx

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