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Am I miscarrying?!?!?

Please no judging, I've been doing heavy drugs and drinking/ smoking the past couple weeks and found out I'm 5 weeks and 1 day. My hcg levels are 2,850.... my doctor said that it's very low for me being 5 weeks... I don't go in for more blood work for another 2 days... they also checked my cervix, which is closed!! just looking for advice or any one who has been through a similar situation???

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Not sure that is the right place to be posting this- these ladies on this site including myself ( been TTC 5 years and 11 months) are fighting infertility and would do anything in the sheer glimmer of hope of seeing that all inclusive positive test may feel upset by your post. These ladies and gentlemen are fighting a painful battle (which I wouldn't wish upon anyone. )

However Im sure you feel bad enough without anyone adding to it. I expect the drugs and alcohol are now in the past. People make mistakes- no one is perfect. There are women who drink and smoke before they find out they are pregnant and their babys are perfectly fine and healthy. Try not worry ( easier said than done)

I'm afraid it is a waiting game to see what happens- it's awful waiting around and I do have full sympathy. Its a horrible situation to be in and I hope you have a supportive network by your side to help through this difficult time.

Perhaps your baby implanted later and that is why the levels of HCG are lower than they should be. ?

Make sure you're resting as much as possible. I had a threatened miscarriage but my baby was fine-i had bleeding and everything- it can turn out ok.

All the best and I hope that HCG continues to rise at a good level- hope the days don't drag too much.

Wishing you the best with your pregnancy. Take care of yourself and your precious cargo xoxo


Hi Jj18cc10.The reading is low, but I'm sure you will be scanned to in a couple of weeks, so that you know for sure what is going on. I hope all works out OK for you, but if things go wrong, perhaps ask your GP tp give you details of support organisations. Diane


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