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Just went to watch a sports match my husband was in, was introduced to this girl. Didn't realise she was pregnant until she stood up, probably 7 months. She then rolled a cigarette, lit it and smoked it in front of me. I'm shocked! I know people do it, but it see it was awful. I bit my lip not to react and burst into tears after we left. It's so unfair that people who are pregnant can be so uncaring to their unborn child, when all we want is to be in that position! Sorry to rant, just was an upsetting few mins xxx

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  • I totally get what you mean. I was out with friends before ivf and witness 2 pregnant women drinking and smoking both were at least 5 months gone. One then went on to have a fight in the pub with someone else.

    It hard just to sit there and watch in the end I told me friends we had to leave as it was upsetting to watch.

    These are the ones who just look at a penis and fall pregnant. It really makes me so angry

  • I'm sorry Hun. It is really difficult to see that kind of behaviour. Nothing else to really say except it totally sucks. xxx

  • I can totally understand your frustration with this one. My ex sister in law gave birth to her 5th baby on Wednesday and has smoked throughout all 5 pregnancies. She even told me near the beginning of this one that she knew she was having a girl as she can't keep alcohol down when pregnant with them (she was right) it's so annoying as in every other way she's a fantastic mum but she's given them such a rubbish start. Some people just don't get it xx

  • It's just not right is it, I feel your frustration it's 9 months of their lives that they need to but someone else first words fail me xxx

  • Its disgusting isn't it? My sister in law smoked throughout her whole pregnancy needless to say I have nothing to do with her. Its an insult to any couple who do want a baby and people like us who go through anything with the glimmer of hope it'll work. It should be illegal to smoke during pregnancy. My sister lives in Canada and it is illegal to smoke pregnant there and women get issued fines if caught. Now why can't the UK enforce that? If you can't be bothered to give up smoking or drinking you shouldn't have the child end of.. xoxo

  • Thanks for your responses was not a nice moment! At least when we get there, babies will be treasured and cherished and never exposed to such toxins! Big hugs xx

  • I try to assume the best when I see people like this. I know it's probably unlikely that if I see someone out drinking, that they are having just one or it's a very rare occurrence for them and if I see someone smoking it's for a good reason. But it does help me not get too angry.

    Unfortunately when you know someone well, and know they are just being selfish towards their unborn child there's no making excuses for them and I agree, it's so unfair

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