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Advice on flying when 6 weeks pregnant


Hi all,

My partner & I are due to go to America in a week, and she will be 6/7 weeks pregnant. She’s worrying because she had brown spotting last week, and again on Sunday, which turned to red spotting on Monday & then she passed a large clot. We contacted the local early pregnancy unit, and had a scan yesterday morning, which showed everything was fine, & the foetus even has a heartbeat. We asked what the clot was, and they couldn’t be 100% sure but the nurse suggested implantation bleeding.

Anyway, she thinks the flight & drive to & from the airport is going to harm the baby, so doesn’t want to go. We are visiting family, so not going on an action holiday or anything, & it can be as laid back as we like! I just wondered if anyone has traveled a similar distance at a similar gestation, & if you can give us any reassurance or advice?

Many thanks!

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Hi 😊, congratulations on your pregnancy! There’s no evidence to suggest that flying will harm the baby, so if you both still want to go then you should go. You’ll want to make sure you have medical insurance, in case you need to be treated while you are away... maybe worth checking your insurance terms too, to make sure there are no silly restrictions? Good luck & I hope everything settles down for you xx

DisneyJL in reply to Wishfully

Thank you, I will check our insurance details. xx

This is a tricky one, if your partner isn’t comfortable with travelling, then it could cause her to worry & stress. She had to do what feels right for her. Good luck! Xx

DisneyJL in reply to jengi

Oh yes, I totally agree with you, I just think if I can reassure her she will be fine. & it will do us good to have a holiday!! I will just have to wait & see what she decides. xx

jengi in reply to DisneyJL

Good luck & congratulations on the pregnancy! Xx

Hiya, I am 12 weeks and due to fly to America in about 2 weeks to. I understand how your partner feels as you don't want anything to go wrong!! I got my insurance from virgin and cost about £18. Hope you both have a lovely time. X

DisneyJL in reply to NDE1987

Aww thank you, I will have a look. Hope you have a great time too! xx

NDE1987 in reply to DisneyJL

No worries! In the small print it says that pregnancy isn't classed as an illness. Just tell your partner to wear those flight socks to prevent clots etc! And remain calm :) enjoy! X


I don’t want to scare you but I have to be honest and tell you about my experience. If you speak to any top Consultants they make it v clear that flying long haul (and i stress long haul) in the first trimester is not recommended. I had a missed miscarriage on the same day I flew to The Caribbean at exactly 8 weeks pregnant. I had a massive migraine on the flight but thought nothing of it until the scan which clearly showed it died and measured the exact date of our flight. My Consultant said there is a lot of radiation on flights and airlines automatically ground their staff when pregnant (go to any Virgin Lounge and look around) My GP said it was safe but what did he know? It turns out I had an undiagnosed blood clotting disorder which when pregnant and flying means my baby didn’t stand a chance. If you must go make sure she drinks tonnes of water on the flight, wears flight socks and if you can get a prescription for Clexane to thin the blood for the flight and a couple of days after I would highly recommend it. Some people will be fine of course but it’s not worth the risk x

DisneyJL in reply to Hidden

Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m sorry about your mmc. I can totally understand airlines grounding staff, because of the frequency that they fly. & your GP couldn’t have known about your condition Hun, no one could have, unfortunately!

I know it’s not worth the risk, but I also feel that if it were really dangerous then it would be widely recommended not to fly from any health professional. I get that any undiagnosed conditions can increase the risk though, & can do on the ground also. She has donated eggs, so had many blood tests taken for genetic disorders, etc.

I know what you’re saying though, & appreciate you sharing your experience & advice. Hope the sickness has improved!! :-) xx

Hidden in reply to DisneyJL

You have to do what feels right and I hope if you go ahead you’ll be safe, take a few precautions and have a great time. I felt guilty afterwards because my 2 Consultants and acupuncturist said it’s dangerous but it was my first pregnancy and I just referred to my GP. I sound like a nutter lol but i promised I’d share my story to protect others. Take care and wishing you lots of luck in your pregnancy 😊xxx ps I’ve had 6 rounds of ivf following my 2 natural pregnancies and only after 6 miscarriages did they test me for blood clotting so PLS make sure this has been done, it’s not routine for donor eggs either. I’ve had every karyotype, Cousyl and genetic test.

I only flew short flights but was scared all the time really terrified. So after a bleeding scare when I was 5 weeks I stopped flying and only resumed then I was towards end of my second trimester and only when it was necessary. If you partner is not comfortable can you postpone the trip until maybe the prego has stabilized after 20’weeks or something like that. It’s not worth it to take a risk even if the risk is very small after all you have gone through to be where you are now

DisneyJL in reply to sandra81

Thank you. We can’t postpone because it’s not just us 2, as my Dad is going also. Plus I don’t know when I could get time off work for it. As much as I don’t want to leave her, I think I will just have to go with my Dad on my own. 😕 xx

I travelled short haul at four weeks and am travelling again at 13 weeks. I just got told to wear flight socks due to thrombosis risk. But I haven’t had clotting. If she doesn’t want to risk it I would say best not to- if something happens she will blame herself forever even if it’s not connected.

Yes, I agree. I’m just so torn as my Dad is coming too because we are visiting family. I can’t let him go on his own, but I don’t want to leave my partner either!! xx

What does your dad say, have you told him?

Not yet because we were still in limbo, but we came to the decision yesterday that she’s not going, but I am.

I flew to America at 4 weeks and back at 6. My consultant had no issues with this and I had to wear flight socks and take anti-clotting injections with me.

Everything was fine but tbh I’d be a lot more wary if I’d had bleeding with clots before going. Although hopefully everything is ok with your partner, you’ve already had to go to EPU so I think if that were me I’d rather be near home rather than on a long flight or in a different country in case further hospital visits were needed. xx

DisneyJL in reply to kt_11

Thank you, we are agreed on this & she isn’t going to go for that reason. xx

I would ask yourself how would you feel if something happened?

DisneyJL in reply to nellynel

Yes, that’s what we are concerned about. 😕

Hi DisneyJL, I can relate to your wife. I’ve been bleeding off and on since my pregnancy. Almost every two weeks. The scans have all been positive and provided me the reassurance that baby is fine. My obgyn, fertility consultant and GP have all stated flying is fine. It’s just not recommended in the final trimester.

Just make sure you get travelers medical insurance. The bleeding can be scary and that way if she has any she can pop into an A&E and get a scan done while on holiday.

DisneyJL in reply to Smang

Thanks Smang, I will let her know & see if she changes her mind.

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