Hard being around pregnant people

Had a bit of a blip this afternoon. Our nhs cycle failed in august and I've been doing ok considering. I was out with my sister in law and niece for a wall. My niece is 18 months I'm fine with her. I teach 5 year old and always surrounded by kids and babies. Even on thu girl from work came in with her new born and I was OK. But this afternoon as we walked along the beach my sister in law saw a group of her friends so we went over to say hi. One was heavily pregnant, one had a small baby on a rug. I just suddenly felt really uncomfortable had to make my excuses and leave. Now I feel really upset. Didn't expect it to hit me like that but glad I took myself out of the situation. Anyone else had one of these moments? Think it's a group of pregnant people /babies that's overwhelming


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  • If it helps at all katya, I definitely have! I think I said on another post about this but I was out with my DH the other day and there was a woman breastfeeding her new born in the pub we were at. 9 times out of 10 babies and pregnant women don't particularly bother me but this caught me totally off guard and I just wanted to bolt ...it was really hard. I think this is probably totally normal and I know lots of ladies on here have had the same reactions at times. I also think there is no rational basis for what, when or how we are affected , so don't be hard on yourself for feeling this way. I often think it's amazing we don't react more often. Xxxxx take care honey xxxx

  • Thanks. It is difficult. It's def groups of people with babies etc that make me the most uncomfortable so I would rather just take myself away xx

  • I can complete relate. My job involves working with pregnant mum's and babies, and day to day I cope ok. However, a couple of colleagues have recently bought their babies in to work and it's left me in a blubbering wreck. It's not seeing the babies themselves, but hearing the conversations and every one cooing over them. It's that that makes me stare the Possibility that I'm never going to be a mum in the face. I have learnt to stay clear when they visit, and have accepted these situations are upsetting. You just have to be kind to yourself through this process and let yourself cry sometimes. Xx

  • That must be very difficult not sure I could work with babies all the time. I think it is the fuss over everything when there's a big group of babies /pregnant people and the realisation you may not get that. It really is unbearable at times xx

  • It's also difficult when people don't know you're going through this x

  • I think a lot of us have had similar experiences, thoughts and feelings. It often seems to happen when you don't expect it. Grief is a strange thing and harder because most people don't know that we are grieving. Have you been offered counselling? I've found it helpful to talk to a counsellor about treatment, BFNs, seeing pregnant women, babies, families etc.

  • Hi thanks for replying. Am going for counselling at end of September. Def felt that situation hit me out of the blue didn't realise I would feel so awful as thought things were getting easier. X

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