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Postponing IVF to travel to Brazil

Hi ladies,

I was hoping for some advice and thoughts on this dilemma I have.

We have been TTC for 2 yrs, had 1 private and 1 NHS IVF cycle but unsuccessful ☹️ the last one ended about 3 weeks ago and we have to wait 2 months for an NHS appointment to then go back into the queue ! I'm so tried and drained and need a break - we are moving house and it's a bit of a project! So we thought a few months break would do us good before seeking A private cycle.

The dilemma is I have been offered to go to Brazil with work all expenses paid in September 2017 it's something I knew was coming for a few years but didn't think I'd get the chance. I really want to go but obviously Zika is on my mind. The current guidance is not to TTC for 8 weeks after my return putting us at the beginning of November 2017 to start again.

I'm not sure if I'm being selfish and putting myself first or should I have a shorter break and not go to Brazil and just start in September/October? I know I'm not getting any younger!

I'm 38 in august and our problems are male low sperm count and low AMH (4.3) and a reserve of 8 (AFC)

I have to decide today as I need to let my boss know on Monday for the bookings - I should have asked my consultant but it's too late!

(It's all a bit last minute I know)

Thanks in advance for your help and good luck to all xx😘

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I think our clinic day no treatment within 6 months of travel to a Zika country so it would be worth checking with your clinic tomorrow if you can. Xx


Actually I think 6 months is for men. I'd still check with your clinic though xx

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Do what your gut tells you. Sounds like the chance of a lifetime. You'll get what you want, just as myself and the other ladies here will too. You're a rockstar.


Thank you carrie_on, I almost cried reading your reply ... it's like I need permission to get off this rollercoaster and take me time before jumping back on. 😘


Thank you, 😘


I'm having surgery next week for endometriosis and then fingers crossed I'll be going to Florida in August for 2 weeks.

My surgery is to help my endo following my miscarriage in march. So the plan will be to try again as soon as I'm recovered.

I'm going on my Florida trip as I need something for me this year after everything so far!!

I know it will mean I have to delay my FET until November coz of the zika risk but I need that holiday and it will give my body and mind extra time to recover.

Do what you feel is right for you Hun. We will support you whatever you decide and we're always here xx


Thank you hellsbells36,

good luck with he surgery next week, we do need a rest - I just want a little time off of the roller coaster before heading out again xx

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We got caught out on the longer male recommendation for a zika zone. OH had to quickly freeze samples a day before he went to Peru.

Just use loads of deet. As long as you aren't trekking in a rain forest hopefully the risk would be lower anyway.

I loved Brazil, we did iguassu, natal, fernando de la noronha, Recife and rio. Have fun x


thank you Emmab178 - no trekking just a meeting and lots of sight seeing!! x


Go to Brazil! You'll only regret what you haven't done and besides you can have a zika test done when you get back privately it's £150 your clinic can do it.

Also it's one type of mozzie that's out in the day time and it's highly avoidable - if you get Zika off a mozzie you'll know about it it's like a very bad flu apparently and only if you get zika do you have to wait... it stays in the male body longer than the female too hence the advice to wait 6 months this relates only to a male.


I know about this in detail as we had Mexico booked and had to change it as we were due to do Mexico in May and start IVF June - we've been before so we just swapped to Europe and still had a great time. But at the end of the day live your life! And if you're worried or want to crack on with IVF just get the zika test when you're back x


Thank you RachG15, its good to know I can get tested when I get back. x

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