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Pain after egg collection


Had eggs removed today and got 12 eggs which I'm amazed at especially with my age. I'm in pain though and I just wondered what others have done to ease it other than paracetamol? Any help appreciated x

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I also experienced alot of pain during and after. I took paracetamol during the day and co-codomol before bed for a couple of days. I found when i googled advice people were suggesting hot water bottles and hot baths but my clinic said not to do that. My pain lasted about 3 days. Good luck xx

I found lying flat eased it a bit for me too xx

I'm sorry you're in pain. I found drinking lots and lots of water eased my symptoms and lying down helped too. I tried to eat quite small meals too and avoided anything that would increase the bloat. I felt better after a few days xxx

Thank you all I will try these tips xxx

The hot water bottle was my best friend but in this warm weather it's not ideas but it did help. Lots of water and rest. Hope you feel better soon xx

Thanks I've taken note x

Ahh bless you, I had my EC on Monday last week and I have to tell you I was in a lot of pain too. I had codeine at first and really took it easy for a few days. I was very swollen and its only really just got back to normal 8 days later. I took paracetamol and lay down a lot. I was advised not to use hot water bottles. Also its important to drink lots of water if you can, which is hard if you are bloated. I hope you are feeling better soon xxx

Thank you x

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