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Still in pain after egg collection

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Is it normal to have lower abdo pain , I had egg col at 10am 9 eggs collected.

But it hurts tum to walk/stand crampy feeling so just staying on sofa.

When will pain ease off? I'm taking paracetamol, oh and just done 2 pessaries ( there lovely 😬😬😬NOT!!!!!) xxx

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Aw I had pain for almost a week afterwards, remember your body's been through a lot so rest as much as possible, drink loads of water & take your paracetamol. 9 eggs is fab 😘 x x


Yes!! Well Done you!!

I had those stabbing crampy pains for at least a week, it can make the transfer uncomfortable so keep up the paracetamol!! And try to rest. Those nurses and doctors that tell you it might feel like "mild cramping" have never had an egg collection!! πŸ˜‚ Great numbers though, hoping for good news tomorrow! We got 11 and 9 fertilised, we got 4 to 5 days but now we have two πŸ˜” Hopefully one that will want to stick next time!

Best of luck xx

It's totally normal. I took arnica tablets every 4 hours, they are homeopathic so fine to take. They help reduce swelling. Good luck with your treatment. X

Totally normal hun. Try to relax xx


How are you doing? Are things looking good? Are you feeling any better? Xx

When I had mine I egg shared so I had 28 eggs and was sore for about 3-4 days after. But it depends on how many eggs they collected I think? That's what they anyway. They also told me I could get low doses of codeine at the pharmacy if I told them what it was for to help XXX good luck! Xxx

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