After egg collection

Hi Everyone!

We had our egg collection on Wednesday this week and they retreived 4 eggs. Yesterday they confirmed that 3 had fertilised! So I have been taking the pessaries as stated but of a sudden yesterday I have started to feel very unwell! I am extremely hot, I am so bloated it hurts, I feel like I have a cold and I am getting some orange coloured leakage (sorry tmi). I am really worries that something is wrong! Did anyone else have any of these symptoms at all?

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  • I can't comment on the feelings etc, but have you been drinking lots of water still?

    I'm not a Dr, but call the clinic this morning just to check its not OHSS?


  • I didn't realise but I had not drunk a lot at all... So I have had loads this morning and I am ready feeling a lot better! I have spoken to the clinic and they think I have just overdone it and I need to relax all day which I am doing. Thanks for your help! Hope your ok xx

  • Probably best to ring your clinic.

    I felt more bloated after the first egg collection, I was told this was normal.

    Good luck with ET.

  • Thanks for you reply! I have spoken to the clinic and they think I have just overdone it and need to relax! I am drinking lots and taking their advise! Thank you x

  • I'm glad you're feeling better, try to rest and keep drinking that water.

  • Glad you're feeling better! Progesterone is nasty! I get awful headaches when doing the pessaries, so yes, lots of water is important. I have to wear a little panty liner as I can't stand it when it drips out after its dissolved! Yuck! So yes don't worry about the discharge bit.

    Good luck with your transfer and beyond - I really hope it all goes well and you get your positive.

    I test on Monday - eeeekk!


  • Thank you! It's good to know I am not the only one with side effects! I have a panty liner in as well!!

    Good luck for Monday!!! Will keep my fingers crossed for you! X

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