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Private fertility treatment- where ? Which clinic ? Is Europe a good option????????Which way do I turn?

Which way do I turn ????????

Im researching which and where to go for egg donation and ivf treatment...

As I have children from first marriage, my GP cannot get / available on NHS.

I definitely want to take advantage of the "money back guarantee, if no birth of a child ". There are a few in UK and 1 in Ukrane.

Can anyone shed light on which way to turn please??????

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hi, sorry you are not allowed by nhs, that's shame they have these stupid restrictions. but where are you from? if you're in UK so why do you need to go so far to Ukraine? are you sure you can even compare these 2 countries by quality of medical care? i don't think so. if there are guarantee programs here, then why not to try. I know that many women undergo self0funded treatment and they're ok with this. wish you luck whatever you choose x

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Hi DarChar,

Thank you for your reply. Makes sense.

I guess I'm concerned about cost - initial costs and additional costs. I know it's going to be an emotional and physical rollercoaster...

Just researching all that's available here and abroad.


is it too expensive? honestly, I wouldn't look for the cheapest place if it comes to infertility. i'm sure that it's very important to find qualified doctors, a clinic with all needed certificates, high success rate and everything. i'm sure it's better to pay a bit more for confidence than to go overseas hoping for positive outcome for less money. of course, it's only my opinion and I'm not going to persuade you , in no way, in addition I haven't faced with such things personally..well, good luck

Thank you .

There are clinics /packages for treatment in UK , who offer money back guarantee. Some offer 2 IVF treatments some offer 3 treatments within the same cost..... also I need egg donation- choice is limited in UK .

I found Ukrane Kiev offer 5 IVF treatments in a package. But the traveling is putting me off.

While researching, Spain , Cyprus seems to be a popular.

I don't know which way to turn . I just want to go down the route where we are most likely to be successful.

If anyone has had treatments abroad, please share .

I want to make an informed decision which is best for us .


Hello, Rafia123

accidentally round your post about ukraine, around 5 months ago we have started out journey there, egg donation ivf as well.

how we came up to that clinic? an answer is simple, cheap prices and favorable conditions. of course we couldn't believe a clinic offers treatment without any additional payments + we got super fine services.

for sure, you can choose a place you like but take to consideration all pros and cons of each clinic you like, look at their websites, people’s feedback, success rates and prices.

p.s. travelling is a challenge, but I suppose it worth all you could get.

good luck

Oh !

I'm thinking the same way as you . I want to persue egg donation first, ......

Surrogacy ,as the next option but hope egg donation is successful.

Please tell me more about your treatment and experience Kiev Ukrane???

Any kind of information will be greatly appreciated.

haha, what exactly you want to hear? I can tell a lot about that place.

Firstly, I've contacted them, the manager asked me lots of questions concerning my health state, then we defined the date of initial.

Came to Ukraine, were met by a driver at airport. He drove us to hotel, where we had a rest and next day morning we came to clinic by car as well.

a nice conversation at clinic, lots of information about our journey, a bloods and ultrasound were done there( for free) and sperm count

oh, i nearly forgot to mention, they also gave us an access to donor's demo database, we had a chance to look thought it before our initial

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What was your the next step ? Stage ?

How far are you with treatment?

When are you going next ?

they told us to wait for the donor. in addition they gave me a pack of meds to take. (to prepare my body for an embryo transfer.)

actually, it's our second attempt. unfortunately we failed the first time.

just got the confirmation of the pregnancy, hope it will work for me this time.

Good luck, hope your are successful!

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sorry I answered too short (Need to do with my hubby)

in case you want to know more about clinic I'm open to any of your questions.

best wishes

Thank you.

What were the technicalities of payments?

Are you with a package?

Did you sign contract/ what are the legal parts?

What are best airlines for traveling there ?


It's all depends on the package you choose. As far as I know, each package has 2 installments, to be sure you can look onto their web-site, they have all packages described in details.

next, yes, I am, we have opted for a package with 2 attempts

Of course, we signed the contract, it said that we would be provided with accommodation, food, medical consultation, a donor database, preparation and signing the contract, interpreter as well, all needed medical services.

by the way, an egg donor has a hidden id(according to ukrainian legislation)

Actually, it depends on county you are from.

We used CITYJET airlines.

Thank you.

Also , I watched a video YouTube, If I understood correct, in Kiev Ukrane clinic- if IVF doesn't work they will go on to surrogacy contributing the money you paid towards the surrogacy????

Actually they have one package that gives you a chance to transfer to a surrogacy. If I'm not mistaken you have 2 attempts, in case of failure you will be moving on a surrogacy, in that case you won't lose your payments. money that you paid would counts as the first and second payment for surrogacy package.

Does it make sense now?

But where are you from?

Hi. Are you going to have several cycles? Is it your first try? Why do you want to go abroad? Basically I understand you, I was desperate in my search years ago. My first IVF was in Austria, but then I was told to try egg donation if I wanted to improve my chances. I have a cycle in Spain and in the nex one in Czech..no go. I started to think about surrogacy but then signed for 2 more cycles in Ukraine and if no positive result, I'll start surrogacy. Here we are..In less than 2 hours I will know if I'm pregnant. Don't know what to advise you..it's your choice. maybe visit eggdonationfriends website, there are lots of european clinics and you can compare them

Please tell me any pros and cons for traveling abroad?????

Okay, lets start from cons:

1. it's a country you don't know, you don't know language, everything is new to you and it makes you nervous. if your husband or someone else doesn't support you throughout your visits, such journey could be extremely tough.

2. you need to take days-off for traveling abroad, it may be problematic at work and you can face with additional questions from your mates about the reasons for going somewhere. If you want to keep it in secret, it's not always easy to hide.

3. when you get back home after treatment you may have some questions or concerns but your doctor is miles away and your gp or obgyn from your country should take care of you, and believe me it's not what they do eagerly especially if there are any comliactions, because they are not pretty much responsible for what happened to you. I hope you get what I mean haha


1. very often it's cheaper than where you live

2. re egg donation, it's often legal somewhere abroad unfortunately

3. it's a great experiene, as for me fertility tourism could be kind of amusing thing but not from the very beginning

Well, have no more thoughts about it but if I recall something, I'll add it


Keep us posted on your results lovey.

I'm having treatment in Kiev too 😊 xx

Seriously? at what clinic in Kiev? What stage are you at?

If I'm not mistaken I've already give you an answer.

Please, can you give me a link to website you watched the video? I would be grateful for that.

p.s. I don’t want to make you confuse with this as I’m not a professional, I’m just a client of this clinic

Hi Rafia123. you could look at this link to a factsheet on our website if you want.


Hope it helps. Diane

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Thank you 😀

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