Only one NHS cycle

We had our referral appointment yesterday confirming we will be referred. However he said we will only get one cycle on the NHS. Know from many of you that it takes more than one cycle for so many....looks like it'll be November, first consultation 8 weeks after blood tests. We might try IUI (artificial insemination) privately while we wait. NHS don't offer this...anyone else been through this or not know which way to turn? Thanks xxx

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  • Hey Hun, I had two IUIs and they both failed, and then went into to have only one NHS cycle and it also failed! We had to self fund our second cycle and I am currently in the 2ww to see if it's worked. It does work for many women first time around! Xxx

  • Did u do private IUI? Know it's low success rate but thought it might be worth a try twice.

    Good luck in your cycle at the moment...wishing you all the best! Xx

  • Thanks hun! And no it was NHS funded. I was allowed 4 tries, but because the first 2 didn't work we moved into ivf x

  • Must be different areas, so we are looking to do that privately while we wait for NHS ivf. Thanks for your info xxx

  • Good luck xxx

  • Thanks! Xxx

  • Each ccg has their own guidelines for funding criteria even though there are NICE guidelines the ccg's don't have to abide by them. Some areas are cutting all ivf funding. Good luck with your cycle

  • Hi

    We can't have any on the NHS because I'm just over the age limit. We've been told to find a private fertility clinic as they feel my best chance is egg donation. I've had a few miscarriages. However, they have given me 3 cycles of Chlomid to try first and if I catch then I'm to start injecting myself with progesterone.

    Don't forget though some people get pregnant first round of treatment so don't start worrying just yet. You could be one of those ladies.

    Hope it works for you.

  • Same boat right here one cycle one shot and if it doesn't work then if we get any embryos to freeze we can have the transfer done with the NHS funding. I'm very down to earth about it and realistic with the process and we expect it not to work tbh with my age and the success rates at this stage and I know I couldn't put myself through IVF multiple times mentally or physically so one shot is fine with me.

    All you need is one after all!

  • Hey honey im in the same boat as you

    Im also waiting for ivf on nhs and only 1 cycle. I was also palnning to do iui privately wghile waiting but dont kno which clinic to go

  • Can you do on privately and then NHS - our consultant seemed to suggest not! Good luck with yours! Xx

  • My clinic said i can doiui private and still have the one ivf go but if i have a private ivf then i get no ivf cycles on nhs.x

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