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Failed ivf

Had my first ivf in May. Feel sad. When I went back to work all I did it cry. But now. Just feel sad. Put a smile on my face at work. My friend just got married and know thwy will be trying. Dont know how iam going to feel. Because i work with her. Makes it harder. I be thinking why not me. When people. Try and think about something else. Dont get stressed. But you have kids. Dont know how it feels. So dont Google really now. Next appointment not until sept. But dont even know if barts will let me have enough got because off my age. 😔 why couldnt i meet my partner years ago. Only met him 5 years ago. Waited so long for my ivf appointment. Anyway i had my period. 7 days after egg transfer back in. Was wondering wood I have my next period back to normal.

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Hi Conwayblue. So sorry to read that you are struggling with all of this at the moment. With regards to your period, it may take up to 2 months to return back to a normal cycle again. You worry about not meeting your partner earlier, but unfortunately we don't just fall in love with the right one we want to make babies with. However, you are going to be seen, so hold on to that hope, and I'm sure there will be some treatment for you. You may find that going to a support group may help you just now. You can access information about Support Groups in your area by going to our website fertilitynetworkuk.org and click on “How can we help you” – “For those trying to become parents” – support – support groups – England – then select the area you are looking for.

There is always the opportunity of counselling which should be available at your clinic/hospital or through your GP. A charity called the “British Infertility Counselling Association” can also be accessed at bica.net this is not a free service, but they are all specially qualified in counselling people with infertility issues. I do hope that you can find some support to cope with what you facing, and obviously wish you well with whatever is decided when you see your specialist in September. Diane


Hi Conway having fertility issues sucks.all we can do is stay hopeful .you met your partner late in life yes but you met him and hes supporting you through this.others go it alone coz they dont have anyone to share it with.good luck with your journey.stay hopeful



Sending you lots of love x


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