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Hi Guys, I've never posted on one of these pages before but I feel so alone with the whole situation and was hoping you could help. I'm 28, married and have never been pregnant 🀰 I have pcso although I have regular cycles and ovulate on my own that's never been an issue and my husband has low mobility we got referred to the crm clinic some time ago and had every possible text known to man and they said we should have no problem conceiving but will help as we have been trying since we got married over 5 years ago. I currently take metformin and have had clomid for the past 4 cycles but it hasn't worked ☹️ When I went to my last appointment she said if it didn't work the NYC step would be ivf and I had to get my bmi down was 38 now 28 so I have really tried hard with that. I'm not even sure what it is I'm asking I'm just not sure what to expect now my next appointment is 19th Sep what will happen? Do they just say ok now you can have ivf as she has already said we are eligible but how long is the wait - please help! Xx

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  • First congrats on doing everything to get your weight down. I to had months of unsuccessful clomid, I know every clinic is different but from the apt I had to being told i could start to my first injection was 4 months. I had to have a few more tests in between and met with the nurse and learnt how to inject etc. Wishing you lots of luck, you'll get great support from this forum I'm sure xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi, if your husband has low motility then it's possible that could be why you're not conceiving. Mine also has that issue and my clinic put us straight into ivf. Different clinics have different waiting lists but I'm sure they'll tell you that when you get there. For me, the wait was getting the appointment in the first place and once I'd had that moving into IVF was about 6 weeks later.

    In terms of your BMI different clinics have different policies but I believe it's quite common for clinics to require your BMI to be under 30. I've heard of some clinics being really strict about it whilst others will be flexible and if you've lost quite a bit of weight but aren't quite there they will let you have it anyway. Having PCOS does mean it's harder to lose weight than for most women and there are lots of women on here who have struggled to do so. I've got PCOS but luckily my BMI is under 30 so it didnt impact my IVF but I do struggle when I try to lose weight. I've seen lots of books about dieting with PCOS and seem to recall they recommend cutting out specific things. Some of the other ladies in here can probably tell you what worked for them but for me Slimming World is the only think I've ever done that I've found really worked and I think others on here have had success with that too. Good luck with it and everyone on here will support along the way.

  • Thanks Hun, that's exactly how I've lost my weight with slimming world too 😊 I think it's great x

  • Hello dear , I read your post and I just want to say that never get disappointed ....There are several ways to get out of it . Be positive and keep smiling . whatever will be happen , it happens for good . i am sure that you got a good news very soon . You just follow the treatment . Hope for the best!!!!! Good Luck!

  • Thank you x.

  • Hi hunny, just wanted to say welcome to the group and omg congratulations on reducing that BMI that is amazing πŸ˜€, good luck with your journey and lots of baby dust to you x.

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