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Held to ransom by your own body

Today should be the 1st day of injections but damn AF hasn't reared her ugly head just yet. (Came 3 days early last month)

I've been feeling anxious all week about the injections, even to the point today that I've triggered off my IBS and feel like hell.

Until this point I've felt upbeat about it all but now I've got myself thinking how the hell am I gonna get enough eggs to possibly make a baby if my own body doesn't even know when it's time to bleed.

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Aww I really feel for you, af never plays ball. Easier said than done but try and take each day 1 at a time and hopefully af will appear soon. Good luck xxx


I know it's frustrating waiting especially as we spend most of our time when ttc not wanting her to come and then when we need her on time she lets us down. Don't let this get you down though, maybe it's just down to the anxiety which has delayed her. Good luck for when you start injecting x


Hi Mrsgled1982. Such a nuisance when she never arrives on time. Be patient and she will. Hope all goes well with the rest of it for you. Diane


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