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Going for transfer on your own

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Transfer day is tomorrow but sadly I need to go on my own. We’ve always had planned family visiting this weekend and they don’t know about the IVF. It’s other half’s family not mine ( my family no everything!). So he’s going to stay and entertain whilst I go for transfer. I’m sad about going on my own. It’s a 4hr all round trick so felt it was to much to ask of a friend.

Have any of you ever had to go for transfer on your own?

Lots of love xxxx

15 Replies
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Hi, I can not relate to your question as my first transfer will be Monday and will have company.

But I just wanted to say you are very brave going on your own. I can only imagine the emotions on transfer day. So stay strong, play some happy songs on your way back and keep smiling 😀

Although I’m sure a friend would come with you if you asked xx

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Hi beechnut

My hubby has taken too much time off work due to sick leave so it’s not looking likely he can come with me to transfer either 😢

We’re lucky we don’t live far from clinic but I might get my sister to come with me. The transfer doesn’t take very long so maybe you could ask a friend or relative to come with you and make a road trip out of it?

Pamper yourselves in town after 😊

It would be nice to be there for ET, but since neither of us were there for ‘conception’ (fertilisation in a lab) I guess it’s the same thing not being there for implantation ! 🤣 as long as we’re both there for the birth !!

Make sure you ask for a scan pic from the clinic so you can share that at least 🙃

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My dear,

While my ivf transfer I went with my younger sister as my DH was busy for an official meeting.... Don't worry... Go safe but don't drive while you back after ET... Call a cab to back home safe. Lots of good luck... 🤞🤞🤞

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I will have my first transfer (FET) next Monday and I will be by myself. We are having treatment abroad and buying two tickets was too expensive...

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Oh no sorry he can’t go with you! Well done for going on your own .. I haven’t don’t it myself but sure the nurses will be supportive and hold your hand if needed! Good luck 🍀🍀 xx

Good luck! I plan on going to my next transfer alone as we depend on family to look after our daughter and I don’t want to tell them when transfer is! I’m sure the clinic staff will look after you xx

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Aww. I’m sure a good friend would have gone with you if they were free, or a family member? Of course you’ll be absolutely fine on your own but it would have been nice to have company. Good luck xx

Could someone from your family come with you? Xx

If I’m honest transfer was so quick, was literally in and out, and uneventful I wouldn’t worry too much about being on your own. I thought it would be really emotional, but I didn’t even have time to cry lol, most important thing is it gets put in and keeping sane the days after which I’m sure your OH will be there for. Good luck xxxxx

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I went on my own too. It’s a very quick procedure so I wouldn’t worry too much about them not being there xx

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Its okay to go alone. Just be strong and positive. If you feel low about it then I would say ask someone amongst your side of the family to come along. This way you would feel less bad. For treatments like these going with the right state of mind is important. I hope things go well for you. Don't feel sad about it. I think you are a very brave person.

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Oh dear, that is bad timing! My hubby’s work aren’t very flexible so I’ve had a couple of transfers on my own. Obviously not as nice as when he’s been there but they’ve been fine and they are over so quickly. As the others have said, you could ask a family member or friend to come with you if you wanted but my clinic is only down the road from me so I’ve never really felt I needed to. Definitely agree with the go and pamper yourself afterwards though! The other thing I would suggest is ask if you can have a photo of your little embie. I know my hubby was very upset he couldn’t be there, and if I’m totally honest it probably upset him more than me, so getting a photo to show him helped make him feel a bit more part of the process. Good luck with everything - hope it all goes well x

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Muppetgirl in reply to Lynnr54

A photo - yes. I took photo to share. We both proudly look at photo now whilst we are in 2ww.

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I went by myself as I have treatment in UK and we live in Europe. My partner was there. We spoke on phone once I was all gowned up and so he could hear about the quality of embryos. You can do this. Ask a friend to at least travel with you though. I would do it for a friend. Good luck.

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I had transfer yesterday and went alone. You will be fine.

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