BFP!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

I have been really naughty this morning test due on Saturday but im off work today and had lots of period type cramps this week so general my head has been going mental. Just done a clearblue and instantly thought what have I done, what if its no etc, and bloody hell it just did the cross saying pregnant pretty much straight away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im still nervous but so happy, feeling a little guilty when dh comes home tonight as not done it with him, but excited to tell him now 😊😊😊.  All the hard work hopefully has paid off just got the evil injections for another 10 weeks but at least they'll feel worth it 

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  • Yyyyyyyyaaaaayyyyy that feeling of seeing the positive or that second line come up.

    Congrats wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. Is it gestone you are on? I am on clexane and cyclogest for the next 6 weeks.

    Exciting times ahead and very nervous ones xxx

  • Im on clexane (which im hating last few days) had gestone for a week when i left from ec and got prontogest sent in post (which they said is same but different brand, bit worrying when has a big sign saying not licenced in uk on it but i guess its doing the job :) ) think i probably have to be on both for 10-12weeks if i got pregnant which im going to hate but at least it feels like im feeding the baby almost now ha ha. Im nervous as know a lot can still happen yet, with feel better when i can have scans etc, when is yours tamtam? 

  • I find it harder for the clexane injection sight but if it helps me and baby then whatever it takes.

    I have scan for 23 should be about 7 weeks then found out on the 6 April.

    So when are you getting bloods done?

  • Im not sure supposed to ring hospital sat am after hpt and they tell me what to do next, are bloods to confirm pregnancy and levels? 

  • Yup not all clinics do bloods which I don't know until the other day.  But my clinic wanted bloods done.  Which even though there were great numbers didn't make me feel any better.

    I am dying in this 2ww for my scan.

    It worse than the 2ww for positive 😒

  • I didnt even think of the wait for scan, that will be me now!  Best of luck 😊

  • Congratulations! It's great when you get the bfp when you test early!! Hope you can relax now until your otd and scan.

    I've been injecting a different brand of heparin for weeks now, so maybe I can give some tips as I've been lucky to avoid much bruising. I sit down to inject and sit slightly forward to get a roll of fat. Then I count to 10 as I inject and 10 again before pulling out the needle. I barely feel anything doing it and anything that keeps the pregnancy going has got to be a good thing. It becomes routine eventually. For me, I'm on it for the full pregnancy for sticky blood.

  • Thank you, i will try that tonight xx

  • Congratulations!  Great to hear some wonderful news! :)x

  • Congratulations!! Lovely news - take care of yourself! x

  • Massive congratulations! xx

  • Massive congratulations to you so pleased for you xxxxxxxxx

  • Congratulations! You give me hope. I am halfway through the 2ww at the moment and I'm going crazy! Xx

  • Congratulations, lovely news 😊 X

  • Massive congratulations, lovely news! Xxx

  • Congratulations! Great news x 

  • Congratulations! Fantastic news! X

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