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Sourcing your own drugs?

Hi guys so I've had my follow up app with my consultant and even tho the dye went through the tube that's left it was very slow and not great so it's going to be ivf for us! I phoned origins and have a consultation next week when talking to the girl she said the drugs cost anything for 500 till 2500 but said that they would give me a prescription if I would like to source my own has anyone done this and did it work out cheaper and how would I go abt doing it?? Tia xx

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ASDA is cheapest by a long shot. We got quotes from 10 different pharmacies. It seems they sell at cost.


The choice of where to get your prescription is up to you. I got quotes from 2 leading supermarkets, a local pharmacy as well as the clinic. The clinic was the cheapest in the end and held the prescription and issued drugs as we needed them.


Hi, we are going with Origin too. We were told we could source our own drugs too, so I rang a few local pharmacies as we dont have an ASDA pharmacy were we live. Most of the local pharmacies would need to order in some of the drugs. We decided to not chance using them just incase they couldnt get the drugs we needed in time. Origin also allow you to pay for the drugs as you need them instead of paying a lump sum upfront. Good luck with everything x


Hi Sam84; sorry to hear about your dyetest. Once you have received your prescription you can request quotes from different pharmacies. Most of them have website forms, where you can upload your prescription. I got quotes from 6 different ones; ASDA was the cheapest one for almost all the drugs, but Health at Home was considerably cheaper for Gonal F, so I ended up splitting my prescription between the two (just had to ask the clinic to issue a 2nd prescription for me). If I would have purchased all the drugs from the company the clinic cooperates with, the cost would have been £1900; by shopping around I got my bill down to £700, but of course it all comes down to what drugs you have been subscribed. (I'm on high dose of Gonal F). Hope it all goes well for you.


Thank you for all your replys Ive done ivf before but it was a free treatment so didn't have to do all this it was 6 years ago to and things have changed a lot since than I'm going to origins next week just to chat and meet consultant get prices and that prob won't be able to start treatment till next year gonna take a we while to save up the money xx

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