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FET today

Hi lovely ladies

Haven't been on for a while but have still be reading everyone's posts.

I have my FET today and nervous doesn't even come close to how I feel. Just got to wait for the call to see how my frozens have done during the big thaw.

Last round was a total disaster. I can safely say that all the hormones sent me crazy, particularly during the 2WW (which I blame the progesterone for, that's enough to make a sane girl go mad!!)

This time we have been lucky enough to do without and medication which has made me feel more positive as I have control of my emotions and mood.

Have any of you got advice on how to survive the 2WW and suggestions on foods and things to do to boost my chances?

Thanks xxx

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Good luck for today! Fingers crossed everything goes well!

I didn't eat anything special in my two week wait. Just ate the foods the recommend for pregnant ladies... iron rich, protein rich etc.

The 2ww is hard isn't it? I think I was lucky because we were abroad for the first 6 days so I spent it relaxing and reading but also walking each day and sight seeing with easy short trips out and even watched a couple of films on the iPad that made me howl with laughter. In my second week we saw family; went out with friends; did normal thing like hubby going back to work. I had lots of things planned that I didn't do.... seaside trips in week 2; dinner out at my favourite restaurant.... but it was nice to have a list that I could pick from xx


Hey! Just relax and know that you body is doing the work for you. I didn't eat anything special, I am 19 weeks now. The 2 ww is very hard, but as others suggest, watch some series, netflix or whatever, and just try to distract yourself! Best wishes ! xox

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Hi Hormonmalness

Wishing you all the best for today.

I am due to have my FET in a few weeks, once my thyroid levels have improved.Could you tell me what and when your clinic planned for you in terms of scans and blood tests from day 1 to FET ? My clinic hasn't been very forthcoming- apart from I'll likely need around 4 scans ( my cycle is medicated) and I'd like to get an idea of what's possible. Thanks



I am not sure about medicated cycles for FET but for my natural attempt my period start date was day one, I had a scan at day 10 then began testing daily until ovulation then a scan the next day just to check all is as it should be, 5 days later in for FET.

I am quite lucky that my hormone levels have been stable throughout so no blood tests for me this time round.

I wish you lots of luck. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions xx


Thanks for your helpful reply.

I wish you all the very best and will be keeping my fingers crossed. Cheers : )


Hi there,

In my 2ww, also after a natural FET, following the advice of lots of lovely ladies on here and what I read, I did the following: RELAXED, ate a healthy diet with lots of protein, ate 3 brazil nuts a day, kept myself (and my feet in particular) warm and had acupuncture. God knows if any of it made a difference, but I am now 31 weeks pregnant, so perhaps it did. Good luck! Xx

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Hey, I don't have any advice but I just wanted to wish you lots of luck!xx

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Good luck xx

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