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Looking for different 2ww experiences

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Hello everyone,

I’m currently 4 days in to my 2ww and it’s got me wondering. If you were lucky enough to get a bfp at the end of your wait, what if anything did you feel during that dreaded 2ww. Did you get implantation bleeding? Sore boobs? Headaches? Backache? Or absolutely nothing at all?

Would be very interesting to read all the different things people experienced (or didn’t)

Love and positivity to you all xx

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Good luck hon. Hope the rest of it flies by for you!! I had sore boobs but I get that most months anyway. And some mild cramps but no spotting. I was really convinced it hadn't worked. There's just no way to tell from the symptoms whether it's positive or negative. Oh, and some smells were really bothering me but I don't know to what extent that was all in my head!!

Hi dear. During our last DE IVF they placed back 2 perfect 5day blasts. Only one made it. Here's my experience with 2ww. Did you get implantation bleeding? - Yes, some pinkish spotting for a couple of hours. Turning into a brown spot -then nothing. Sore boobs? - Yes, and too painful..Headaches? - Yes, but not severe. Backache? - No. But had pains in my left ovary, really don't know they reason why. Having all bones in my body crossed for your luck :) x

We have only had one fresh cycle so far but I know at 6dp5dt that I was pregnant. I had bloating, taste aversions and nausea. I held out until 9dp5dt to test and got a BFP. My symptoms were so strong because our embryo split into twins but unfortunately was not meant to be. I also had some cramping 2dpt. Good luck and I hope you get your BFP xx

I’ve just got my third bfp out of six transfers. I only had spotting on the first bfp. Positive signs for me have been; af type cramping (mostly mild but sometimes strong), sharp shooting twinges, tender heavy boobs when not wearing my bra but otherwise just a “full” feeling when wearing it, mild lower backache, some waves of nausea (not lasting long) and feeling a little lightheaded on occasion. Some women don’t get ANY symptoms and still get a bfp. We’re all different.. Good luck xx

Backache big time. But then I got that with my bfn... to me symptoms can be the same with either outcome xxx GL xxx

I had sore boobs and heavy cramping - very similar to AF. The biggest first sign of all for me was that I noticed I was out of breath with a stitch when walking around the shops - I'm a fit and active person so I KNEW something was up in that moment! (btw that was only at 5dp5dt!!). Best of luck to you xx

On my BFP I got niggly, pulling like sensation 2dpt and a mild cramping most days. No sore boobs on my BFP but had sore boobs and lots of bloating during first cycle which ended in BFN xx

I had sore boobs but that came and went. I also had implantation spotting at 6dp5dt and headaches and backache throughout the 2WW. Had lots of bloating and the odd pain in my tummy as well. All of this may have been caused by the progesterone pessaries but I got my BFP at 10dp5dt. All the very best to you for the rest of your wait and your test day x

Hi there

I had period cramps from day 3 after transfer right up until and beyond test day. No sore boobs, no spotting, nothing. I was really bloated but put that down to the pregesterone pessaries and the fact I hadn’t exercised much in the last month. I was super tired but I think that was due to the emotional roller coaster that is IVF!

I was convinced I was coming on daily.

Then I tested and was pregnant!

I’m now 5 weeks pregnant and still have very few symptoms.

Everybody is different and I drove myself crazy trying to google what I ‘should’ feel like but it’s not worth the stress. There really is nothing you can do but wait to see that second line on your test.

I wish you the best of luck xx

I had cramping that felt dull and low, one day painful but no spotting. I'm still on my 2ww. I've 6 days left. My boobs are huge very sore and my nipples hurt. I never get sore boobs. It's hard to tell really but this feels like how I did when I did get pregnant early this yr but sadly had a missed miscarriage. Best thing is to keep occupied and stay positive which is very difficult, good luck xxx

Two things that were different from my usual pre-period syndromes :no craving for chocolate (!) and dark vaines on my breast and very dark nipples -appeared around 3 days before the test day. When I saw it I thought... hmm.. girls, you have never looked this way before :) Get a lot of rest and good luck!!!! :)

I’ve had 4 2wws now. 2 BFPs, 1 chemical (so not sure whether to class as BFP for the purpose of this or not) and 1 BFN. My first BFP, the only thing that was different was that I got insomnia badly from pretty early on after ET. Not sure whether it was hormones or stress, but it stayed for most of the pregnancy. For my second BFP I had a bit of nausea (I had morning sickness right to week 20 so it was the start of that) but I also had nausea during my chemical and BFN cycles. For my second BFP I also had some pink spotting when I wiped a couple of times. That lasted until week 7 and it turned out was caused by a bit of the placenta breaking off and becoming a blood clot. For my chemical, BFN and second BFP I also felt my uterus spasm a fair bit. Not cramps as such as they weren’t painful, but it was a weird feeling. I’ve never had sore boobs on any cycle during the 2ww. Think it just goes to show that every cycle is different and symptoms are neither good or bad signs. It is strange how everyone experiences different things though, and even the same person can have very different symptoms with the same outcome! Good luck with your cycle!

No symptoms at all. Just no period. I think the symptoms started a week or so later.

Good luck!

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