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Ivf first consultation

Hey guys. I'm after some advice. Me and my pugs and we're referred to ivf in the Heath hospital in may. I phoned today to check the referral had gone through and she said we had been accepted and that we would have our initial consultation 6-8 months after referral.

After this.. does everything start or do we then go back on a waiting list? I just want to know how long it would be from this point.

Thanks, xxx

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Not me and my pugs- me and my husband! Don't know how that happened!


Hey, I know every clinic is different but for me we signed all the papers at our first appointment then had to have some tests before meeting with the IVF nurse and being able to start. It was about 4 months between our first apt and actually starting my injections. Are you NHS or paying privately? X


NHS at the moment. I can't really afford to go private. Were you in the Heath? X


No Cambridge but also through NHS x


Hello, i have just started my first ivf cycle (injections started tonight) it has taken us about 14 months from our initial appointment. However we were due to start in january but the clinic we were attending was closed so we were referred elsewhere - this obviously added to the waiting time. Once we changed clinic it all started pretty qukckly. We met with the new consultant in march, due to a holiday being booked for may we decided to start treatment after. Had a consultation with the nurse last week to sign consent forms etc and started today on the injections. Best of luck xx


Hi hayleigh,

Is that 14 months from your initial consultation at ivf wales in Heath hospital?

Fingers crossed you have good news soon! Xxx


Hello im in the north east of england but yes 14 months from initial consultation. It would have been alot quicker though had they not closed the clinic i was first attending x


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