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IVF seminar and first private consultation appointments received!

On Saturday we received a letter from our fertility clinic to say they had referred us to IVF clinic and that an appointment from them would follow shortly. Yesterday we received a letter from IVF clinic inviting us to seminar in less than 2 weeks and our private consultation one week after that! We were so happy and shocked how quick it was.... We're hopeful that treatment can start as soon as possible after :-)

We feel lucky how we've been treated so far....

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wowee x i hope when i get referred hopefully next week its as quick as this x JPH told me on teusday its 3months waitis=ng list? did u have to have blood tests redone and does hubby hav to have another semen analysis done during that wait x please please keepme posted on ur journey as hopefully i wont be far behind and i hav no idea what to expect x and knowing u r in the same area in so nice xxxxx


Hi, yes just prior referral to IVF clinic me and hubby had to do blood tests and one more sample. Because everything is normal our doctor at IVF clinic said we don't have to do anymore tests. Once you start with the IVF clinic you have a seminar then private appointment. Your medical and gynae history are checked. If there are no major issues your treatment begins according to your cycle. For us on my first day I will begin taking the pill as part of the dampening down phase. My egg reserve is good and hubby sperm good so hopefully it will go smoothly. I'm just waiting for my period to begin!

We were told there's no waiting list but our referral went in before April which is went the trust went into consultation and there may now be a back log. Also you are east of the county which may be different.

Are you going to Bourn hall wymondham??

It's so exciting but if you check this forum every day you will learn and share so much :-) x


Aw wow how interesting x yes i believe I'm goin to wymondham. Is that where ur goin? Where bouts in Norfolk r u x


We're five mins away from wymondham which is brilliant. Nurses called today and booked me in for 13th may ... Now its dragging! Once we got in we thought it would all happen quickly but there's a lot of timing to be worked out. Makes sense but I'm not the most patient person.


Oh no really x I'm not patient either lol x I just want it to happen all so quickly x is love to be pregnant before the end of the year :) am hoping to get referred within the next 4 weeks x I have about 6lbs more to lose ;) x if only I could cut my boobs off did lose a stone jut like that haha x keep me updates please on ur journey xxx


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