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First IVF consultation tomorrow

Hi ladies,

We have our first IVF appointment tomorrow, I was just wondering if they weigh you again in the appointment? I am 2lb over my weight limit which makes my BMI 30.2, so just a bit worried they may take me off the list because of this. I'm joining SW on Wednesday to help shift some more weight. Thank you x

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I can't help with the question but I can say thanks for sharing and adding to the community! I'm struggling with fertility myself and I appreciate you!


Hi, good luck for your appointment tomorrow. At my clinic I'm always weighed if seeing my consultant but not when seeing the nurse, don't know if that helps you at all x


Thank you! Thank you for your reply xx


That's okay, I'm sure if it's just 2lb you can discuss it with them anyway..I can gain a couple of lb when I'm on my period and if I'm on when going to an apt, I always tell my consultant x


hi, my clinic were very strict and I did get weighed before all the forms were completed. I had to lose 2 stone before treatment so I know how hard it is. 2 pound is nothing however so fingers crossed for you! Xx


I had to lose a stone to get on the list, which I did do. But now this week I've had a really really heavy period (the first period since my mc back in March) and it's tipped me over by 2lbs πŸ™ˆ Will just have to see what they say x



I got weigh at each of my nurse appointments. 1st on to discuss ivf and have all tests done. And last one on the day we signed up for the ivf. They gave me a stern warning not to put on anymore weight as my bmi was 28.1 and was told if it got to 29 my funding would be cancelled. They never weighed me again after treatment had started xx


Just incase go in with light clothes and flip flops!

With joining SW it will drop off you. I lost 7 lbs week one and week two and 4.5 stone in total


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