Coming up to 20 weeks scan

Hi All

Haven't been here a while. So I had my BFP in February. Life been a roller coaster since. I'm a very anxious person who over thinks everything!

All has been going well and people comment I look well. At 12 weeks scan was told all fine but blood test revealed my PAPP-A levels were low meaning potential growth issues and I'm now having 4 weekly scans from 20 weeks onwards. My 20 weeks scan is next Friday. I'm so anxious Sometimes uI convince mysrlf I'm carrying a dead foetus around other times I'm convinced my child be born with severe disabilities. My mind never stops! I often break down and cry due to the lack of control. They say you should enjoy pregancy but for me it's an anxious journey and one which I feel I can not control. I'm a complete control freak and I feel so scared that this is something which is beyond my control.

Thank you for listening and best of luck on your journeys.

Wish I could say once you get that BFP it's sunshine and laughter all the way but for me it really hasn't been.

Just wish I could calm down with a glass of wine which if course I can't!! 🍷

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  • Hey Buffy.... hope all goes well

  • Omg. Sorry ... but this makes me feel much better! In a very weird way! x

  • Lol I'm glad it can help. Nice to write it down too x

  • I love writing my journey down here x

  • Yep I do completely agree with this & Im only 10 weeks gone I keep thinking hurry up 12 weeks scan so I can baby has grown and there is a heartbeat still and all is good it's a constant state of mind anxiousness xx

  • completely relate to this. I'm 13 wks and scan not til next Weds. The wait is killing me. I just don't feel pregnant now morning sickness has gone but it was so horrid that I wished the sickness away but now I want a sign that baby still there and growing happily. You can't win! Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy and hope all goes smoothly 😊

  • Thank you!So nice to hear others feeling the same. I do believe when we been on an IVF journey of some form we don't experience pregnancy the same way as others who "Just get pregnant"

    Thanks for sharing xx

  • Totally understandable. I know I would be the same πŸ˜• xx

  • ❀️

  • Hope you ok Tugsgirl ?xx

  • Yea I'm ok πŸ’ͺ🏻 xx

  • Wishing you all the very best for next week xxx

  • Hi sweetie, I am 39 weeks now and totally empathise. I also think that pregnancy is different maybe for those of us who didn't think we would get here ... there is so much anxiety, guilt and emotional exhaustion going in ... it's no wonder we don't experience the dream pregnancy of the adverts! Its also really difficult to admit we find it hard in case it sounds ungrateful (so far from the truth). It will be worth it I am sure .... you are doing amazingly well with all you have to deal with/ have had to deal with xxx I will be thinking of you x

  • Thank you that's so nice. Aww you almost at the end must be nice but then again I guess anxiety about a healthy born baby starts...aghhh the worry never stops xxx

  • Best of luck for your next scan Hun xxx

  • Wishing you all the best for your scan next week!xx

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