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Hello all

I was lucky enough to get my BFP last week on the 19th (2 days before OTD) after our second round of ICSI & am currently 5wks + 1. Whilst I'm absolutely over the moon and totally shell shocked by it, I am very anxious about our 7 week viability scan in 2 weeks time.

I've been testing every other day since our positive a week ago & the tests are stronger every time which is a relief after our chemical miscarriage on our first cycle (which started with a weak positive and got progressively weaker until it was a negative just before I hit 5wks). So that's really encouraging, but I just can't stop worrying that something will happen before the scan or we'll get there & there will be nothing in there! 😩

I know I'm in a wonderful position of having my BFP & when I was in my 2ww I would have grabbed this with both hands, but it all just seems so surreal & im so worried about the scan. Argh tell me I'm not crazy & that other people feel the same!

What symptoms are other people experiencing before their 7wk scan? So far I've had mild cramping since before we tested, heavier feeling boobs (not especially sore) and feeling exhausted in the afternoons. No morning sickness yet. I wouldn't say I have any major symptoms yet, is this normal?

Did anyone do a positive test on the morning of their scan only to have bad news when they got there?

Sorry, IVF has turned me into a completely mental over analytical nutcase! πŸ˜– πŸ˜† I hope I haven't offended anyone who is waiting for their BFP still - I know how annoying this post must read if you've had a BFN or you're in your 2 ww πŸ’—

15 Replies

Hi PennyPrimrose, what you're feeling is perfectly normal (even more so if you've already had a miscarriage). I thought the wait for the scan was worse than the 2ww! The thing to remember is that everyone has totally different symptoms during this time, some people have loads whilst others don't have any. And symptoms come and go too which is quite scary. I think I spent half the wait for my scan on Google because one of my symptoms (not that I had loads) had disappeared (only to reappear again a few days later). Hope the wait doesn't drive you too crazy - it helped me to remember that the reason they make you wait is until they are sure they would see a heartbeat because if they scanned early and you didn't see a heartbeat because of that then you really would spend the rest of the time worrying!

Thanks, you're right about the heartbeat thing, would be no point in scanning any earlier. I suppose it's just taking it one day at a time isn't it and trying not to over analyse it all 😩 Which is easier said than done of course! I'm wasting so much time on google looking up stuff it's pathetic πŸ˜†! How did your scan go?

Hi, I'm 6 weeks tomorrow which is also my first scan. We've taken tomorrow afternoon after the scan off because we're so scared of bad news.

I keep wondering about little symptoms but there's been nothing too dramatic and I feel like they could be caused by all the Cyclogest I'm taking or just be my brain fooling me.

Yes I'm the same, I have little symptoms but at the same time would I actually notice them if I didn't know I was prego? I'm not sure.

I have everything crossed for you for tomorrow, let me know how it goes πŸ€ Have you had one or two eggs put back in? x

Hey, apparently I'm actually 5 weeks 5 days. I had two embryos put back in and just seen one sac with yolk and embryo and a heartbeat! Still a long way to go and I've asked for another scan in a fortnight as I don't think I can bear the wait until my NHS 12 week scan.

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! Hooray!! That's absolutely wonderful news, you must be ecstatic after seeing that little heart beating away. I wish I was having a scan that early, mine is booked for 7wks 1day - I'm currently 5wks 2days & the wait is hideous!

I don't blame you asking for another scan in two weeks 😊 Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy & keep us posted πŸ’—

Hi, I’m in the same situation as you and when reading your post it’s like I wrote it myself, I’m nervous for my scan which is on the 2nd March, I miscarried in August, we saw the heartbeat but it was weak and stopped a week later. So I am waiting to get to this scan hoping the little one is there with a strong heartbeat. You do feel bad putting posts on here about your concerns now you have had that BFP knowing there are people that haven’t got to that point or have had a BFN…..the whole journey is one big roller coaster and just because people have that BFP doesn’t mean the waiting is over or the worry goes away, it is such an emotional time. I totally understand how you are feeling and I too have took so many tests to check. Some days I have really bad symptoms and then others I don’t and I end up worrying then that there is something wrong. But they come and go. Google is my new best friend, I google everything I am feeling, checking everything. Stay strong. Wishing you good luck that you see that strong heartbeat xx

I'm so sorry about your miscarriage before, that must have been heartbreaking to get that far. I'm so worried about that happening. I do feel guilty being worried about this when so many people don't get their BFP at all & we're very lucky, but the IVF journey is just so complex and stressful that a BFP is just not the end of the journey by any stretch! Good luck for your scan, I have everything crossed for you x


I am waiting for my 7 week scan too...15th March and it feels like a lifetime away. Got my bfp last week otd was Monday so called and saying out loud I was pregnant to someone other than husband made it all feel real. Since then I felt exhausted in afternoons and sore boobs...had to wear sports bra as my normal bras were not comfy. Then yesterday hardly any symptoms and today nothing....well I have been an emotional crying wreck all day thinuking the worst as I have no symptoms! I am sure it is normal to have symptoms some days and not on others but we have all worked so hard to get bfp when it happens you just want it all to work!! I hope your wait goes quick to get to the scan!! Good luck x

PennyPrimrose in reply to Hidden

From what I gather, it is normal for symptoms to come and go (I hope). Yours sound like mine, I didn't feel quite as tired this afternoon & it's now got me worrying that something is wrong! God the stress is just never ending! My scan is 10th March & like you say, it feels like a lifetime away, but I got my BFP at 4wks +2 days and I'm now 5wks + 1 day and that's actually gone pretty quickly really. It doesn't feel like I've been officially pregnant for nearly a week. I think when you go through IVF you know what a roller coaster it is & therefore it's impossible to just let yourself go and imagine the best, you're always preparing yourself for the worst in a way. I've had a really positive outlook on the whole thing, this cycle and the last, but now I know I actually have a pregnancy I feel like I have so much more to lose! Good luck with your scan, really hope you see that heartbeat. Keep me posted x

I only feel anxious during my 7th week scan, I think I feel a bit numb I don't really feel like overly worried etc. Now that I'm waiting for my 13th week scan next week I am going insane thinking about bad things what the heart beat stop etc. But whatever will be will be. Well just have to stay positive and not dwell in negativity. Now I'm feeling excited I can't wait to meet my baby again xxx


I've had my bfp since 3w3d so was an early and strong bfp and then tested every day till my otd.I'm 5w tomorrow, it has gone very quick but I think now because you don't have contact with drs with scans etc I just feel a bit lost and like everything is down to us now! I think I now feel all the emotions and worry that I bottled up throughout the injection process! I'm sure we will be fine but it is a roller coaster! ! I hope you hear the heartbeat on your scan too, keep us updated good luck! Xx


I agree that how you are feeling is completely normal. You think you should be over the moon and consumed with joy and excitement when you actually feel as anxious as you did on the 2ww!

I think it would be unrealistic after all you've been through to expect a positive pregnancy test (as wonderful as it is) to remove all that fear and anxiety.

It felt like the weeks leading up to my 7week scan abdolutely dragged in! On the day I was so nervous! The nurse was obviously used to dealing with women going through IVF and was careful to explain that it might take her a wee while to find the baby/heartbeat so not to worry. Although we saw the heartbeat and were told everything looked fine, I was still anxious until the 12 week scan. I started telling people I was pregnant from 14 weeks but every time I said it out loud I felt I was jinxing things! I started to feel more relaxed maybe around 18 weeks when, despite the fact I had told everyone I was remarkably still pregnant and actually getting a little bit of a bump!

Try to take things one day at a time and try not to overanalyse/Google too much! Keep yourself and your mind as busy as possible.

Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy x

Thanks for this. You're so right, after everything we go through the BFP doesn't feel quite how it looks in the movies does it. Don't get me wrong, I was a joyful crying mess this time with our obvious positive compared to last time's 'IS that a line..?' scenario, but still, it's very hard to let yourself relax into it.

I'm going to stop googling now and just try and relax until the scan, worrying won't actually change anything either way so I may as well make life easier for myself and push it out of my mind.

I feel the same as you with the whole 'tempting fate!' thing with talking about it etc. Last time we told close friends & family when we got our 'positive' test result & it was a huge mistake. I think we'll just have to play it all by ear this time & keep our fingers crossed we have happy news to tell people at some point πŸ˜–

Thanks for your reply and best wishes for the remainder of your pregnancy - I can't wait to be that far along (touch wood πŸ˜†) ! Xx

You will get there! x

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