Day 3 of 2ww and impatient 😐😐😐

Day 3 of 2ww and impatient 😐😐😐

Anyone else in their 2ww and being impatient??

My test date is Friday the 16th so quite way away but starting to get a few cramps here and there, and just feeling so exhausted it's unreal.

found this fascinating post about what happens after transfer. It's amazing!!

Here hoping the cramps and tiredness are just positive symptoms.

Any positive experiences on here??


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  • I had a successful FET so I knew my cramps were not related to egg retrieval. I had 2 6 day hatching embryos put back in. I had them put in on the Friday and on the Sunday I had a whole day of cramps.... But pleasant cramps. I have endo so period cramps are like giving birth to a hedgehog. Anyways! I sort of thought that could be my implantation day... So I did loads of visualisation and resting with meditation. I am not that sort but in for a Penny in for a pound. Then on the Monday so 3 dpt i start testing.... now as most women scream noooo.... I think it's a useful excersise. I can ascertain if I had a chemical and at what stage my hcg levels start to rise... I had a positive on 4 dpt then booked in to my doctors for my hcg on 6dpt. Results were in the same day and it was 65. Next day my level went to 111. I am a lone ranger and do what I think is best. I enjoy being well informed and then went on to have 14111 on 17 dpt. Think my local practice must think I am demanding so and so... But I pay my taxes and hope to raise a child/children who will be useful to society so I don't feel too guilty about a few blood tests. So there you a super impatient person! Good luck my lovely. Xxx

  • Thank you so much for your reply!

    I'm thinking I might do my first test of 7dpt :)


  • Good luck hunny. Look forward to hearing your update. Xxx

  • The only thing I really remember (apart from being really impatient!) was the cramps. On and off. And a stabbing pain one morning which was weird. Then some very light pink spotting - which I assume was implantation bleeding. I got my BFP on 23 May.

    You won't feel like this now. But enjoy the 2ww. Maybe other women don't feel this way but this wait between 4 weeks and your scan (about 7 weeks) is much harder! I say that with the full knowledge that if I did the 2ww again - I'd be back on this post crying "I hate it!" x

  • And good luck! x

  • I'll try and enjoy it lol! Thank you xx

  • Thanks for this! I'm booked in for EC on Tuesday so hoping for transfer end of next week. I will look at this many times after no doubt! Good luck to you xxx

  • Ohhh good luck for egg collection. It's a lot better then I thought it was going to be. You'll b fine!!

    Good luck to you too xx

  • Hey!! I'm in my 2WW as well! Test day is 17th June! I am so impatient just want to fast forward a few weeks! 😬!! I'm ok during the day as I'm busy at work but once I get home my mind starts wondering! I have been having a few cramps and this after suddenly came over all tired and couldn't stop yawning!

    Good luck 😘

  • Oh a day after me!! I keep getting random intense 30 second cramps that disappeared for hours. And I'm ridiculously tired!

    Good luck to you too xxx

  • I am testing on the same day but they are asking me to wait the whole 2 weeks before testing.

    I am very impatient and should stay away from Google. It will be a week tomorrow (Friday) since my ET.

    I've had cramps most days and feel very tired where I even nap on an afternoon. So glad I'm off work. Just need to remember to relax more.

    Good luck xx

  • THE WHOLE TWO WEEKS?! Wow! Did you do a 3 day transfer? Hope you've got loads planned to occupy your mind! x

  • 4 day transfer. Yeh trying to keep busy but relaxed x

  • Best way! x

  • Hey, wow 2 whole weeks πŸ˜•

    It's so hard staying away from google and forums! It's too much reading and questioning.

    Ah so lucky your off work! I'm working at the moment so can't really relax but at least It helps keep busy.

    Best of luck to you!! Xx

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