2ww and feeling down

2ww and feeling down

Hi ladies so I am currently in the 2ww and I have another week to go. I am feeling so low today and feel like it's not working. I kept analysing symptoms and reading too much Google! but my lovely husband brought me back down to earth and I wanted to share a couple of pages from a ivf book i have. My husband bookmarked the pages. Just keep being positive to anyone in the 2ww and we nneed to remember we won't be feeling anything yet!!

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  • I've got this book from the library! It's brill xx

  • It's really good! I think iv just spent today googling my symptons and comparing then to other ladies ones. I guess I still have a week to go and anything can change in a week. Xx

  • Me too! I try and stop myself but not doing too well. My test day is Wednesday and I'm so tempted to test tomorrow 😬 Xx

  • Yikes!! Try and hold out until Wednesday. Have you been feeling ok or do you feel different x

  • I felt a bit crampy yesterday so was really down in the dumps but that's it. I feel fine today. Dreading testing really don't want to see it be negative xx

  • I hope it works out for all of us. Just need to have a good night's sleep and start thinking positive. At the moment all my hope has gone x

  • Me too! Try to keep positive (easier said than done). I've dreaded the weekends so I've felt really down this weekend but back to work to keep my mind off it 😊 Xx

  • Iv decided that I'm going to just remain positive. I cried so much yesterday but what will be will be just have to remain hopeful xxx

  • Thank you so much for posting that. I'm halfway through the 2ww and just feel like a ball of anxiety sometimes. I then berate myself because I'm supposed to stay calm! That was just what I needed to read on this grey Monday morning - thanks again and good luck to you xxx

  • Awww not to worry Sarah I know how you feel. I hate that I was comparing my symptons to every other lady on Google lol and then to top it off I watched a YouTube video and just burst into tears. We need to remember that were all different and no way will we be getting symptons this early on. Just need to remain hopeful and positive. I'm glad it helped you. Good luck for your test day xx

  • Ha! Yeah the embryologist banned me from Google. He basically said that there is no point in symptom checking and the only definitive answer is on test day so I just have to crack on. Easier said than done but I'm doing my best. Massive good luck to you lovely xxx

  • I'm going by the advice your embryologist gave you lol. I was freaking out that I hadn't had implantation bleeding. When is it your test day? Mines next Monday x

  • Same day as you 😊😊

  • Aww were proper cycle buddies lol. Good luck xx

  • Thank you for this - super helpful. What is the book called? Thx

  • Richard Mackey and Rosey Bray - his and hers survival guide to ivf :) it's really good xx

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