2WW getting impatient!

Oh goodness I'm 9dp 5dt & I'm beginning to feel impatient with testing. I've started getting period like symptoms the past few days & brownish tinge when I wipe most heavily in the morning.

I just wondered what people feel about testing early? Even with tests that say they can detect up 6 days before period is due. My period is due tomorrow.

I'm had my FET with no medication in the lead to it up & since the ET been on pessaries.

What do you think about testing?

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  • I guess there's no harm if there's no trigger shot to get out of your system, but you might be setting yourself up for a fall with a negative testing too early!!

    I've read that so many times on here Hun. Not saying don't as I have zero self control so I know I wouldn't be able to resist but the realist in me says wait as long as you possibly can before testing 😊 Xxx β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈπŸ™πŸ€πŸΌ

  • Thanks for the advice. I think I will try hold off until at least Saturday which will be 2 days before a full 14days. Will wait a few days to see if I get my period. I did have a trigger shot come to think of it before but nothing else.would that effect it?

  • Hi Nat I tested at 9dp5dt in the evening and got a strong positive, so I'd happily test early again when we come to try again xx

  • Thanks hon. X

  • I tested early and got a negative but got a positive on my actual test date! Hard one.

    If you do test make sure it's you use your first morning pee!

    Good luck πŸ€

  • Oh gosh ok how early did u test? Also do u know if the pessaries can give u a heightened sense of smell? X

  • It was on day 10 I'm sure, only a few days plus it was at night time but I was pretty sure I was so I wasn't too disheartened.

    Don't remember the increased sense of smell but I'm sure it impacts everyone in different ways x

  • Heightened sense of smell is in the top ten symptoms for bfp πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ€ don't know about

  • Oh gosh let's hope so! Your message has made me smile so that makes a nice change amongst all the anxiety 😊. I just really feel like I'm going to get my period, although the cramping has eased a bit more today. Xx

  • I tested 4 days early and got a negative but a positive on test day. I think everyone is different. I was so impatient so I tested early and was so disappointed but that made me prepare myself for the worst. It did end up in a miscarriage and currently waiting for my second go. I will try harder to resist testing early this time round. Only because I was extremely unhappy for the 4 days leading up to test day and don't want to put myself through that again. Wishing you all the best my love. Xxx

  • Thanks for the advise, I am worried also if I test early that it's negative & then I become disappointed. Sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. All the best in your next go. Big hugs xx

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