2ww and bleeding😔😔

Hi I'm new to this this forum but I'm looking for a bit of advice if anyone can help.

I'm on day 12 of the 2ww, FET cycle with one 5 day blast put back. I started spotting on day 5 and continued to spot on and off until Sunday day 10 where the spotting turned into a full blown bleed, cramps and clotting. Deveststed I took a HPT and no surprise it was negative. The clinic advised me to carry on with medication until my test date which is 26th Feb but that it doesn't look good. Iv continued to bleed quite heavily however I took another HPT today and 2 different brands showed a faint positive!! Has anyone experienced anything similar? And what was the outcome? Any advice or shared experiences would be so gratefully received. Thank you so much X

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  • I think you will end up in BFP! 🙂

  • Aw thank you for your positive response, I'm just not convinced with all this bleeding that it has been a success and the wait is killing me, I'll keep you posted though X

  • Thanks so don't loose hope now that you're getting positive faint line 🙏🏼

  • I have read many similar stories and all been fine, 2ww is just so hard anyway but sorry you got added worry....I am keeping everything crossed for you...you are nearly there.. try and keep chilled and don't lose hope xx

  • Thank you for the reassurance😊 I'll keep you posted x

  • I wish you luck..i am currently on 2ww my cousin had ivf, she called my aunty (her mum) crying saying it had failed as she was on a full blown period! however she got a positive and now her son is a 21 year old police officer! lol so don't lose hope honey it could still happen fingers crossed all the luck in the world to you! xxxx

  • Aw thank you so much for sharing your story, it gives me hope that it could still end up in a positive result. I'm just going to take it easy and try not to fret (easier said than done) I'm so pleased everything worked out well for your cousin😊😊xxx ps I'll keep you updated X

  • And good luck with your 2ww how far into the wait are you? Is this your 1st round? Xxx

  • yes sweetie first cycle I had a 2 day transfer 3 days ago so still really early days for me fingers crossed I sincerely hope it is good news for you it may be the test was faint because it is still too early for you I wouldn't get down about it honey until you have don't the proper test in clinic lots and lots of luck to you ill have fingers crossed so are you back on the 26th then?

  • Wishing you the very best of luck and keeping everything crossed for you. The 2ww is so long😩 The clinic gave me a HPT to take on the 26th. Do you go back to the clinic for your test? I see a lot of people who get a blood test rather than the urine test done, will this be the case for yourself? Please keep me updated with your progress. It's so lovely to chat to someone who is going through the same thing and at the same time Xx

  • yes of course I will keep you updated sweetie and no they never gave me a home one I have blood test on 3rd of march at clinic and been lovely to talk to you too sweetie take care of yourself lots of luck xxxx

  • I am following you xxx

  • Keep your finger crossed xx

  • Hi, Gem! You're in quite an intricate position. On the one hand your bleeding which is not very good mildly saying. On the other hand - your faint positive !!! I believe it's a marvelous sign you can put hope in anyway. If your clinic suggests you to wait until the testing day with making no haste decisions then just do it. I know it's hard but you'll cope, lovely lady. My heart goes for your positive. Sending all positive vibes to you X

  • Thank you for your lovely kind comments Marmo. I'v not got a good feeling about the bleeding at all, in my heart I believe I'm suffering an early miscarriage based on the fact I had a faint positive. It's the waiting that's the awful part. The bleeding is showing no signs of slowing and my cramps are getting worse. I did have sore breasts yesterday and the day before but today they feel normal again. I'll just have to wait until Friday and see what happens. I just wish I could be given some light in what is going on so I can begin to deal with it because it's just so hard going through this day by day with no confirmation of what is really happening. It sounds awful that I'm being so negative but I just know in my heart It's over 😔 Xxxxx

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