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Pessaries & light brown discharge

Hello all. Want to pick your brains.. so I started to get a bit of light brown discharge at 12 dpt I am now 17dpt. I keep reading that this I normal in early pregnancy. However I am wondering if my pessaries are causing irritation. I am on utrogestan and I have to insert them vaginallly as they are pea size balls and they don't seem to go up your bottom. I emailed my clinic and they said I could have injections or take my pessaseries orally but they can make you sick. I feel quite sick already so I am not a fan of that idea. Any suggestions or experiences orrrrr is my discharge normal. I don't get much doesn't even land in my knickers just on the odd occasion when I wipe. Xxx

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I'd be a bit worried and confused too. And definitely googling! But if you're Clinic are saying you could take pessaries orally then they mustn't be worried. When I had similar at about 10dp3dt some people suggested it could be irritation - so it is possible.

I guess you could do with your clinic letting you know if there is any risk if it is irritation? That might help you decide to stop or carry on? How long have you got to carry on with them? xx


Sorry I didn't say in my message but the clinic did say it can be an irritation. I have to be on them for the first 12 weeks. I understand lots of people have ones which can easily go up your bottom but without a pea shooter it's not practical with these. I am 100 per cent confident that it's not af or the start of miscarriage. I am just perplexed by it. Xxx


I'm on them until 12 weeks too! I can't imagine it's nice putting them up your bottom - I didn't even know you could get pea-shooters though! I learn something new everyday here! Keep an eye on it. How many weeks would you be now? x


According to fet calculators I am 5 weeks and 1 day. I have my first scan on Saturday. My friend was insistent that o put them up my bum and I tried one and text her saying I think we have difference pessaries and yes she has a nice applicator whereas mine aren't that easy. Xxx


I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who texts her best mate weird conversations! x

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I had light brown discharge and I was assured that it was normal xx


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