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Has anyone got any advice about the first consultation appointment? After having all the initial tests this will be the next step. Before we were referred my local hospital went through something similar where they reviewed all the tests. The consultant there was very blunt and quite rude. it has put m off a bit, especially if it turns out to be bad news! I m not at St Marys Manchester


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  • Our consultation was full of information, positives and negatives, but they have to tell you that, ask as many questions as you like, after this we were next appointment paying and signing all the paper work, all the best ❤💋

  • Sunshine09 thank you :-)

    where are you based? Are you having to fund this yourself?

  • Based in Ayrshire scotland, and yes having to fund it all xx

  • May i ask the reason for funding yourself? Are you not eligible for funding, this is my concern :-( x

  • We are both 45 and the cut off was 43 for funding, xx

  • Sunshine09 i wish you the best of luck with this :-) x

  • My consultant was very supportive at my first consultation. I'm NHS funded. I have found that all the staff have been great on each appointment and not rushed and answered questions I had. I think you had an unlucky appointment x

  • Jacs0008 thank you, i think it might be because it was my local hospital. At my first appointment at Manchester on Friday they were great. hope the consultation is the same. Do you know roughly how long the consultation lasts? Is it them saying what the results are and the options available? x

  • Mine was at my local hospital too. Mine was a little different as they were going through the results of an operation I had had the previous month and my only option was ivf really. It also depends if you have already had all the tests and bloods done. I was probably with them for about an hour and then went back a couple of weeks later to go

    Through all the consent forms which takes about an hour and you both need to attend this one x

  • i see! We have just had all the bloods, scans and my partner gave his sample for the 4th time. Hope these next few weeks go quick! x

  • I think you'll be surprised how fast everything starts to happen. Good luck xx

  • Hey, it's awful when your first appointment is like that. I similarly had an awful first appointment and it made me left feeling like I would never be able to get through this journey however when I met my actual consultant I couldn't of been more wrong. He's lovely as are the nurses, always happy to answer questions and take the time to explain things to me x

  • thank you E_05 what's next for you now? x

  • I'm waiting to see my consultant to start my 4th cycle (3rd fet). Have you seen your consultant yet and signed all the papers etc? X

  • aww good luck.

    Nope we have to wait 4 weeks to see the consultant we should then know the next step x

  • Thank you, wishing you lots of luck to. It normally goes quite quick once you've met with them 🙂 x

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