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Review with consultant


We are having our review with our consultant this afternoon to talk about our last cycle and perhaps get some answers as to why we had a chemical pregnancy. I was wondering if I should be asking key questions? should I ask for any particular tests to be done? thanks!x

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Could be the usual answer "just unlucky" but I would definitely ask about thrombophilia test panel. This checks blood clotting and various proteins as well as lupus etc. On the back of this (long story but I ended up having the panel tested 1.5x) one of my tests came back with a very slightly raised response to lupus. Because of that I have taken a baby aspirin each day. My clinic has said it's not needed but not harmful as my second test for that came back negative. But for me, besides relaxation and mindfulness as well as kineseology I really think that has helped me so far. Diane Arnold also has a list of questions. You can email her and she will send you a list of questions xx

Thanks for your reply! I will ask about the thrombophilia test...never heard of it before! What is kineseology? xx

Kineseology is a little like acupuncture and counselling rolled into one. I call it counselling of the body. Will find a link. It really really helps me. I can't really explain but I feel lifted and calm after each session x


That sounds great! will look into that! I'm going to try acupuncture next time round. my mother-in-law does relaxation and hypno / visulisation sessions so I will be starting those again soon! as well as fertility yoga!! may as well try it all!!xx

Ha ha. Maybe try not to do too many things. At one point I felt like I was manually doing anything and everything I thought would help - in the end it stressed me out more ha ha. Wow, great that your mother in law does that. Will save a few pennies and she will really know you too xx

haha! yeah you are right, I won't go wild! I bought a fertility yoga DVD so need to try that. It's great having the mother in law doing what she does, and she literally lives down the road from me so even better! I won't go crazy, but I feel I need to do something to make me feel that I am going in the right direction. But I can't spend loads as our next round is already expensive!xx

Hi silverlini.

I have no advice just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world for your next round. Hope your apt with the consultant goes well x

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Thank you!xx

Good luck with your appointment.

I’m sorry for your chemical pregnancy, I had one. And I really wanted answers & a solution so it couldn’t happen again. I think that was my grief talking. My fertility doctor put it down to “ just very bad luck “ & didn’t believe further investigation at that point was necessary. He reassured us there was no reason to suspect it would happen again. And he offered us miscarriage tests if I was to suffer another loss & not make us wait till loss no 3 as which he thinks is cruel. We took comfort from that & really I just needed to get my endometriosis properly dealt with & as you know we have had success & I haven’t had another chemical pregnancy. I hope that gives you hope, lots of women will have a chemical pregnancy but most will go on to have a successful pregnancy & you can too. ❤️

Saying that you can ask about low dose steroids such as prednisone ( I take them till 12 weeks) & low dose aspirin for the next round.

Let us know how you get on. ❤️ xoxo

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I know, I just feel I need to know everything so I will feel more confident it won't happen again. But like you say, we were probably just very unlucky! I will ask what extra support I can have next time with hormones etc.

Thank you! I will let you know how I get on xx

Totally agree with you there. We want to know everything we can and have the answers. Having been told so many times "just unlucky I guess" honestly if one more person..... Hope it goes well and keep digging with them until they tell you something xx

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