Councilling appointment

Hello everyone, my councilling app in this Thursday and I'm super excited. I am going to be an egg donor and hope that they have already lined up a recipient. I have phoned the clinic to try and see my consultant after to hopefully get the ball rolling. If all my genetic tests come back I hope it won't be long until my journey starts.

How long after your councilling app until you started IVF? (We're self-funding).xxxx 

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  • What an amazing thing your doing. Good Luck hope you get started soon xxx

  • People like you are stars :)

    God bless xx

  • What amazing thing to do good luck

  • We used DE through an egg sharing scheme at our clinic. Although the it didn't work for us I'm grateful for the lady who gave us a chance after my eggs were deemed too old!

    I hope you and your recipient get BFPs.

  • It depends when your lady starts her period. If you've missed her period this month you may have to start next month :) but won't be any longer than that. With our first cycle the recipient literally started the next week so we started right away. This is my second egg share cycle and I've waited a month go start. Good luck sweetie!

  • I don't think it will all sink in until it's officially started eek. I'm meeting my consultant the Monday after my councilling appointment to see when it's all going to start. Good luck to you 💕

  • Hi I'm egg sharing at The Lister 

    I'm currently being synced with my recipient taking the pill and my treatment starts on May 23rd I was matched on April 22nd so I think that's super quick

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