Work rant!

Sorry in advance for the rant..

I've just been off work for 3 weeks as my dad had a heart attack whilst on holiday in Crete and needed a triple bypass operation, very stressful as you can imagine.

I'm due to go back to work (I'm a carer) next week but have had a text today to say they think it's best if I go to bank as it's been stressful covering my shifts these last weeks on top of everything they've already had to cover this last year due to IVF appointments and miscarriage without moaning but if my IVF is going to continue they aren't prepared to keep covering them.

I'm so upset I can't believe there throwing my IVF apts in my face it's not like I enjoy going though this and having ask for time off ๐Ÿ˜ข why is everything such a battle!!

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  • What is wrong with people?! What do you do for a living? Did HR contact you? x

  • I'm a carer, working in the ladies house so technically employed by her mum although our wages are through the NHS x

  • I'm sure people don't have no compassion for anyone any more, I'm sure they aren't allowed to say what they have maybe you should look into it, hope your dad is on the mend xx

  • Doesn't seem like it, I feel torn now though of course I can't be without work but don't know if I really want to work for people like that. Thank you, he's doing well hoping to fly home next week x

  • Glad his doing good, bet you can't wait to get him home, I don't think they do and yes I wouldn't want to work for someone that has no compassion for any one I know there trying to run a business but that's just dam right nasty and rude xx

  • Awe hun. I'm really sorry to hear this. You have had a really tough time! I'm a social worker, previously worked as a carer and now work alongside carers every day so know what an amazing job you guys do. Im not sure that they can do that. Is there anyone you can talk to? Don'the lose faith though there are some amazing companies out there who treat their staff with respect.

    Concentrate on what matters and that's you and what is important to you! I'm pleased to hear in this that your dad is recovering. Rant away though that's what we are all here for.

    Take care xxx

  • Thank you for your lovely reply, there probably is someone I could go to higher up but I'm not sure I have the energy to argue with them. I just feel like this journey is hard enough without it being used against us from work!

    Definitely am going to take some time for me xx

  • You really have hada tough time hun. I'm sorry you have this on top. Don't forget we are here. Sending hugs xx

  • Sending you a hug - what a thought time you have been having. Try giving ACAS a call as it sounds like moving you to bank would probably be a change in your contract which they may not be able to do. Worth a call to them xxx

  • Tough time not thought time!x

  • Thank you, I will do got to be worth a try calling them x

  • That's awful...really don't know how people can be so heartless, after everything you've been through. I would speak to ACAS so you know where you stand xx

  • Thank you, yeah I think I will definitely speak to them on Monday. Taking the weekend to process it all x

  • People's attitudes never cease to amaze me. As if u want to struggle having a baby and u want your dad to be critically ill just so u can inconvenience them!! It extreme circumstances for goodness sake!! I would probably say they have ruined any relationship u had now anyway so maybe might end up being a good move for u after all.i don't know a lot about being bank but it would give u a bit more flexibility wouldnt it in terms of appointments etc? I think u r the most important thing here so do what feels best for u and your future plans!

    Wish your dad a speedy recovery and all the best with your job situation xxx

  • Thank you, I definitely feel like that have now. Last year one of my apts got changed and it was during the shift I was working..they said couldn't I ring the clinic and say it was inconvenient with work. In the long run I think going into my next cycle it'll be better off me not being there xx

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