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So it's been a little while since I posted basically we have been playing the waiting game yo get called for treatment after giving the hospital a call yesterday looks like we will be getting called in the next 2 months of all goes well so knowing that it's really only weeks away I'm starting to worry about what to do with work I'm really unsure weather they are going to be understanding when it comes to treatment I have tried to be open and honest abut having treatment and they know that it will be happening this year!! What sort of time did you ladies take off and was your work understanding about it no1 in my work has ever felt with this before so I suppose they don't really know how to deal with it I am hoping that I can use some holidays from when I start to inject and then maybe put a sick line in after that if I need to but I'm unsure how work will deal with me doing this!! I'm stressing out about this already because the last time I had treatment I was very sick and so tired but my old job gave me no time off and I lost the baby this time I want to take as much time as possible so as I am well rested if you could help with any experience yous have had that would be great xo TIA 

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  • Hi Hun! 

    Good news your starting your treatment too. I too was so worried what I would tell work about all apts and EC and ET! My work didn't know I was having treatment but I managed it well. 

    I had to have apts off for scans etc while taking injections which I would either just be late for work or say I had doctors/dentist/wasn't feeling well anything I could think off! I took EC collection off which was a Friday and went to my doctors on the Monday who signed me off for a week as didn't want to take all my annual leave. I had my transfer on the weds and was off till the following Monday. Next time I am going to get straight back into work as I drove myself crazy with the time off wondering what every cramp was.

    You shouldn't panic about taking time off- this is stressful enough as it is so you need to ensure you are as rested and calm as possible. Go to your doctors and get signed off after EC they are usually pretty understanding. 

    Good luck xxx 

  • Hi my 1st cycle I tried to keep it to myself why I was off work so I put a paper in saying I was off with stress related problems but they later found out and said there is  policies for ivf and if I had said I was entitled to time off and it wouldn't affect my sick record. So this time I told them in advance and they have been amazing I will be off work for 5 weeks (doing short protocol) and they don't need no meeting just said to concentrate on myself and not to worry about work. Hope your work will be just as understanding but I think it's better to be honest from the start. Good luck 😙 x

  • Have a look on the ACAS website- there is a section on IVF and time off. It's meant to be treated the same way as any other medical appointments. And if you need a sickline there is nothing your work can really do about this. Also once the embryo is transferred you're protected for 2 weeks until the results are known, and from then on until 2 weeks after the pregnancy "ends". So they're not allowed to do you any detriment related to your IVF treatment/time off.

    I've had time off starting from just before egg collection up till test day, for both my cycles. I did get pregnant first time but it ended. This time the jury is still out- but whether the time off helps or not you have to do what makes you feel the strongest and most positive at the time xx

  • I had a chat with my manager before the treatment started and agreed 5 days paid special leave to attend appointments/treatment.

  • My work has an IVF policy, 5 days in the first year of treatment. I told my manager about treatment and I was granted additional tie for appointments. I was able to have appointments before work for round 1 but the traffic was so bad that in round 2 I went at different times. Round 3 was at a different clinic that took 2 hours to get to, work were fine about it all. I carried on working during by 2wws after recovering from the general aneasthethic for EC. I found the distraction of work helped me but this might depend on the type of  work you do. Your GP could sign you off if you need time off. 

  • Thank you for all your comments looks like you have very understanding management mine arnt so much and that's basically because they don't under it I wish I had some paperwork or something I could take into work just to show what a stressful time this is the last time I went thru treatment I kept it all to myself and worked myself to the bone this time I won't be doing that because my last treatment ended in miscarriage! I really want to use two weeks holidays problem is because I don't know when treatment will start I can't say when I want off and if there is someone else of when I ask to be off it won't be granted I work in sales but deal with a lot of deliveries heavy boxes and pulling heavy equipment so I do not want to be in work at all from when I start to inject I think I will just have to put a sick line in I've asked if there is any special treatment for people undergoing ivf and was told um I don't think so, so that's the Way they treated it I hate that I'm stressing about this already and it's still a cpl of months away xx

  • Realistically you're going to need a few later starts in the morning after scans & bloods and definitely a few days after egg retrieval. You're not going to know how you'll be on your hormones until you start, acupuncture really helped keep me a little more relaxed and helped with my headaches. 

    My clinic don't say rest after transfer per se but I don't think you should be at work if you're going to get stressed or be dealing with any physical strain. Apart from anything you want to give this the best chance so gentle activity and a good diet will be good. 

    After your embryo transfer you're actually covered by pregnancy laws until OTD then you have 2 weeks protected time after that, incase your employer becomes tricky it can be seen as discrimination. They'll need to be flexible as things can change and dates are not completely predictable... 

    Maybe a referral to occupational health would be helpful to advise your manager of duties you can't undertake? 

    Good Luck! X

  • Hi sam84, I hear what you're saying! I'm not sure how to play it myself! It'll be my first round of IVF/ICSI and I'm unsure what time to have off. Whilst I'm lucky to have an understanding boss and work colleagues and policies in place for certain time off for appts, I do find my work stressful and have to plan it in advance. I want to try and maintain a relatively stress-free environment, which isn't always possible when our jobs are at risk at the moment too. I'd take annual leave, but don't want to use it all as will need some later in the year for one reason or another, and having been off sick for several days in autumn last year following a gynae procedure, taking more time off sick may incur a formal warning. It's difficult to know what to do for the best to give myself the best possible chance I'd success, and whether to take time off during the 2ww, or to work to keep myself distracted. What is the protected 2-week thing people have mentioned following ET? x

  • I didn't tell my work and I've taken a week off work starting from egg collection day. Then still had a couple of days after embryo transfer to stay relaxed! I think I would go crazy if I took more time than that as its good to keep your mind busy so you have other things to focus on 😊 x

  • Thank you for all your replies I'm so glad we have somewhere to ask questions. I think I need to just relax about it all and wait till the time comes then decide what will be best for me at the time hopefully work will be understanding and will allow me to use some of my holidays up to accommodate scans and ec and et if not I will just put in a sickline xo

  • I didn't tell my work at all (i've just completed round 1) and it was fine. I took a week off for egg collection and embryo transfer and all the scans happened pre work in the morning. It did undoubtedly help that I work at the hospital so the clinic is very close but I think you can get away with it. The only thing I would say is that at times I felt really grumpy and it would've been easier if people had known why! Good luck with it all xxx

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