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I have a question. My consultant told me to start Centrotide this evening along with my Bemfola injections. I took Bemfola at the same time I have for the last two days. I was having real issues with mixing the Centrotide and actually had to open another box because with the first one I couldn't get the liquid back into the syringe. It meant that I didn't end up injecting until around 30 mins after Bemfola. Is this a huge problem? Also is it a bad thing that it was after 9pm (9.10)?

God, this whole process is one stress after another :(


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  • I don't want to give false answers here because they do tell you to do injections at the same time each day... but one night I was merrily sat watching something on the tv and realised 20 mins after the time I was meant to inject that I had forgotten. I don't think it made a difference... but you could check with clinic to put your mind at ease.

  • Thanks Emu. I'll definitely send them an email tonight.

    I took the first injection at the same time I've been doing since Tues but it was the first time I had taken Centrotide (the second injection) and wasn't sure if I've messed up by not only taking it 30 mins after the first one but also because it was after 9.10 so not within 7-9pm. Hoping that I'm just stressing unnecessarily...


  • There is a lot of stressing on this journey... I wish they'd give us a 'FAQ sheet' for when we think we've messed up...! Then we wouldn't panic! x

  • Me too! Surely they must get asked the same questions over and over x

  • I agree with Emu, run it by the clinic. I took the same drugs as you though, Bemfola & Cetrotide, so I'll share my experience.

    I would take Bemfola at around 7:30pm followed by Cetrotide straight after, but that was mainly for convenience. On the evening of my trigger injections, the Dr advised me to take Cetrotide (not Bemfola) between 8 and 9pm, which was later than my usual 7:30pm, so for that reason I don't think that 30mins would be a problem.

    Re: struggling to get it back up the syringe, have you tried not holding the little bottle upside down? If you press the syringe plunger all the way down, hold the bottle the right way up at an angle and then slowly draw back the plunger, that works a lot better than holding everything upside down.

  • Thanks for your response. I've emailed them so should hopefully hear from them tomorrow morning...

    I tried that with the syringe plunger but weirdly couldn't get it to work. Tried several times and it just ended up putting more liquid into the bottle. So frustrating. I did it a lot slower with the second one and no problem. Aargh!


  • Sounds like a duff one, as if Cetrotide wasn't annoying enough! Good luck with this cycle.x

  • Exactly!

    Thanks. Hope you're doing OK x

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