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Injection timings

Hey ladies took first bemfola injection last night but had a mare of a night so it was 10.30 by the time I got time for it.

How crucial is the same time advice as I usually go to bed at 10 and am totally shattered at the moment, I need my sleep!!! I’d like to bring it forward a bit but obviously not if it’s going to make a difference to the effectiveness of the drugs!

Thanks in advance x

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Hi Ndwqgirl11. Whatever time you decide, then keep to that time each day. Good luck! Diane



Is it just once a day you are doing the injection? I think it would be best to ask your clinic as they will know your particular circumstances best. They will advise the best way to change the timing. Best of luck xx


Thanks cam I’ll give the clinic a call, don’t want to have to stay up until 10.30 every night, I mean that’s virtually the middle of the night! 🙈


Hi Newqgirl1! When I took my Bemfola (& Cetrotide) I am pretty sure that I was told that you should not go over 24 hours between injections. So - although it's best to take it at the same time every night if possible - if you took it at 10:30pm last night then you could bring it forward to say 9:30pm tonight (& keep it at at 9:30pm in future) but you should not then revert back to 10:30pm as that would mean going 25 hours between injections. Hope this makes sense! Obviously check with your clinic if you have any concerns - they will advise you & put your mind at rest. Good luck with the cycle! x


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