Acupuncture - have you tried it? Your views on it?

I'm being referred for ivf next Friday and can't decide whether or not to part with a load of cash to spend on acupuncture.

There doesn't seem to be any significant evidence to suggest it helps ivf.

I've read it might increase blood flow and relax you.

Have you tried it and what do you think?

Do you think it's relaxing?

How long before treatment should it be started? And is it good for post egg transfer?

Trying to decide whether acupuncture or a few nice body massages would be best x

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  • I didn't have it for my first cycle but have had it since our bfn. Hoping it will help with 2nd cycle. I really enjoy it as it relaxes me and has helped with blood flow. I have poor circulation so I am grateful for that. All the best for your cycle and acupuncture if you try it. x

  • Good luck to you too and glad to hear you do find it relaxing - I've got poor circulation so perhaps it is a good idea x

  • I had it for my second cycle. The cycle was unsuccessful but I enjoyed acupuncture and think it helps me to destress. I will probably do it again. The toxin drain that the acupuncturist did was great. However, if the cost is going to stress you out then it wouldn't be worth it I guess.

    If you're considering massage, have you looked in to Mayan fertility massage? I've never experienced it but have read about it and if there was a practitioner near me then I would try it.

  • Ooh I'll look into the fertility massage!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it and would do it again even if you didn't get a BFP. Good luck with your journey xx

  • I've started it and really like it...I think it's helped me with my pelvic pain issues too.

    It's pricey though...I do it twice a month for that reason and not more.

    If you can, maybe try it once and see if you like it? xx

  • I'll definitely give it a shot and see how it makes me feel and try and start a bit nearer the time to keep costs down - is there a good time to start?! X

  • Definitely try!

    I'm not really sure about time scales but before treatment might help and I think it recommended around egg collection/transfer but don't quote me on that one ;)


  • I did it before starting IVF when we were just TTC and found it relaxing but obviously it didn't work. I've gone back to it now we're doing IVF had it once a week but now I'm stimming he wants to see me twice next week. Then I think if I can he will see me as close to egg collection as he can and again close to transfer but then I think the consensus is that during the 2ww you don't do anything. Im just throwing everything i can at this cycle as why not really? But it can be costly so absolutely factor that in xxx

  • My acupuncturist saw me both before and after ET so that was an expensive day!! She saw me during the 2ww as well, she said she could do work to support my body x

  • Oh man more expense then 😂😂

  • Thank you and good luck!!! X

  • Thank you xx

  • I had acupuncture for my first cycle last year and fell pregnant but miscarried, didn't have it for my second (first fet) but then went back to it this year for my 3rd cycle unfortunately it was unsuccessful but I definitely found it relaxing and helped with my anxiety. Good luck with whatever you decide x

  • Sorry to hear about your miscarriage and your 3 cycles so far - glad to hear you found the acupuncture positive though - will you be having a 4th round? I love how strong you are, determined to do what it takes to get your baby xxxx

  • Ah thank you, i haven't always felt strong through them all but am determined not to give up on having my healthy baby.

    Yeah I have one frozen embryo left so hoping to start again in July and will definitely have acupuncture, I used a different lady for my 3rd cycle and really like her so think it also comes down to finding someone who works with you during it all xx

  • I tried it but it wasn't for me I don't think you will know unless you try. Good luck x

  • This is true, I think I've gotta try it x

  • Hi Hun, I'm on my 6th session now (1 session a week) haven't noticed any difference to flow of my cycle which was what I was really after, but it really helped with my period pain last month. Going to wait and see if it helps with pain this month just in case that was a coincidence but if there's no difference whatsoever to flow again this month after spending £280 I think I'll knock it on the head x x

  • That's a lot of money if you don't notice a difference! Did it make you feel relaxed? X

  • Sort of, she's a bit of a crazy Chinese lady, she really is as mad as a box of frogs!! but she's been practicing acupuncture for 26 years so I hoped she'd know exactly what she's doing, but she moves around the room a lot moving the infra red lamp from one bit of your body to another so I don't really switch off properly. If there's no real difference this month then I think I'm going to go back to yoga (haven't done it for years) but I used to find that very relaxing. X x.

  • Mine is a Chinese man too but he really leaves me alone and only says 3 things through the whole thing: hello, show me your tongue and ok finished. He puts the needles in and leaves me for about 25-30 minutes. Some sessions he leaves the infra red light on over my tummy area. Then he comes back in, takes the needles out and massages the areas where the needles have been. I find the lack of discussion helpful to the process as I relax more. x

  • There's a Chinese man or a lady I'm liking the sound of so far in my area - will speak to them over phone and see how I feel x

  • What's the tongue thing all about I keep forgetting to ask lol! She puts the needle in, twizzles them and then moves the lamp around from tummy to legs then ears, then twizzles the needles again and goes through the lamp process again, so not the most relaxing situation!! X x

  • He works out how I am from taking my pulse and looking at my tongue. In my first session he worked out I was a teacher who had a great deal of stress at work! I don't know how he does but I just go along with it. x

  • 😂

  • I have acupuncture and I really enjoy it, my acupuncturist is actually a lecturer at the royal college of acupuncture he's fab! It is expensive but I feel it's worth it and I think it really helped with this cycle Im now his 3 rd patient he was treating that was having ivf who got a positive pregnancy test xx

  • Amazing!!!!!! X

  • I've just found out our cycle hasn't worked. I had acupuncture at all the right times too 😓 xxx

  • Oh sorry to hear this Dee, what round were you on? Are you able to try again? X

  • I found an acupuncturist who specialises in fertility - she is referred to as 'the baby whisperer of north London' - and she was an invaluable source of support throughout the IVF - she helped decipher all the jargon and read my body much better than the dr's - they even commented that they realised when I had acupuncture sessions during my stims as it really helped with the lazier follicles! We got a BFP and I can't say it was all down to her but she was definitely a big part of the success in terms of keeping me calm etc - I also used a IVF specific hypnotherapy cd - Helen McPherson 'Believe' which was really helpful too! Wishing you all the best xxx

  • I went the holistic route for my fertility issues rather than ivf, it took over 6 months but worked and no medications! Each person has a different diagnosis but acupuncture and reflexology cost me a fraction of what ivf would have done

  • I looked at the research and agree it's not conclusive that it increases chance of a positive outcome but I certainly don't think it does any harm though. The research as you say seems to suggest that it aids relaxation and that this in turn can affect the outcome. I have tried it for my 3rd ICSI cycle. The Chinese medicine approach is a completely different view which is a actually a refreshing change (I'm a hospital worker) because I don't understand any of it but find it fascinating all the same.

    I started treatment with a specialist in fertility acupuncture (courses at Zita West clinic) 2-3 weeks before my cycle. I've read that to positively

    Influence the eggs in production you need to make changes in the 60-90 days prior to the cycle starting but I wasn't able to do this and decided even if I'd had the opportunity it would have been too expensive. I've had 4 sessions so far and am due a post egg collection session tomorrow.

    Intially the sessions were aimed at helping me relax and balance my moods and emotions. I certainly found the whole experience relaxing and even fell asleep! She used quite a number of needles in some strange places- thumbs, wrists, ankles, shins, forehead, ears but none of them were awfully painful. A little uncomfortable putting them in but almost instantly became accustomed to them. The only thing I found more uncomfortable was trying to move with them in. This just made me keep still and try to relax to the lovely calming music!

    I've no idea if it will help the outcome but I'm glad I've tried it this time.

    I'll let you know how it goes.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide!

  • This is a great write up - thanks so much. I think if it doesn't harm, and there's a chance it could help, and it definitely relaxes, then it's worth a go. I'll wait until I'm referred to ivf next week then I'll start acupuncture. Can't afford to do it for too many sessions but hopefully enough to help x

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