Acupuncture??does it help!

Hi am attending the Glasgow Royal and was wanting to know did anyone try acupuncture did you feel it helped am currently only doing fertility massage but I keep hearing about acupuncture and increasing chances,am not an idiot that I think it will automatically help my chances but anything I can do and I found one that worked along zita west and have made an appointment for next week,I realise I may have left it to late for it to have a great benifit but I heard there is certain times it may have a better impact?any help would be greatful thanks xx

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  • Hi, I am currently having acupuncture alongside my treatment. No idea whether it is doing any good or not lol but I do feel calmer than normal. I have read so many positive things about it that I thought it was worth a go. If the treatment is successful then I will think it was money well spent!

  • Hi I had acupuncture the first day of my last period they say that is a good time to start. I then had treatment (fet as my first failed I hadn't had acupuncture that time) down Reg another bleed and prob about three treatments I was sceptical but if anything it allowed me to switch off and bizarre it got me a bit horny so Hubbie was pleased lol!! Anyway I had a treatment on the Thursday before my transfer the following weds (I lost my beloved cat he was killed in a car collision only year older so didn't have a treatment day before or on day which they say is good to do) tested this morn and got my faint positive!!! So I say give it a try! That and avoiding coffee, cola, and only occasional full caffeine tea is only thing I've done different! Still can't take it in. All the best X

  • Aw congrats mummy that's great news was this your second try?sorry about your cat I have a wee fur baby and that would be hard to go through that at same time.i will give it ago and hoping that with her training with zita west she will know her stuff,my next hospital appointment is next Wednesday think that's for hiv bloods and injections as I now know my protocol got low amh aswell ,so just been waiting as took my period on the 9th and phoned up that day to book for day 21,how did you find the whole process stress wise?xx

  • My acupuncturist was zita west recommended! Only other thing I didn't do this time I had no hot baths apparently that's not good! This is my second fet tbh the stress is starting now the worry of if all is ok!! And that it was two feint lines!! I will prob end up testing again in few days!! This is most stressed I have been! Aw I know I was devastated both of us in tears and my mum he was our little distraction! We miss him so what have we done only gone and got two kittens!!! First is here sencknd comes on 3rd April!! Oops!! Lol xx good luck sending you baby dust

  • Hey. Think it's supposed to help with blood flow and relaxation. I'm due to start acupuncture on Good Friday, and hopefully, I will be starting my injections at the end of this week. I have booked in for six sessions. One of the ladies on these forums has had it prior to egg transfer and after the egg transfer, and she got a BFP. I hope your cycle goes well. All the best to you x

  • Hi, I had acupuncture about a month before I started my second round of IVF and continued weekly throughout. Although the cycle was cancelled and converted to IUI (due to poor response), I am now pregnant.

    I did also have an endo scratch so not sure if one or both helped.

    I would defo recommend acupuncture, if anything to give you some 'me' time to just relax and take time out for yourself.

    Good luck in your journey! xx

  • Thanks everybody and good luck I really don't know where I would be or how I would be without these groups I will be giving it a try as anything we can do eh πŸ’•

  • I had acupuncture during treatment. Obviously there's no way of telling whether it made a difference but it helped me feel more relaxed during treatment which could only be a good thing. I also felt like I was doing everything I could to ensure it worked (which I felt would give me peace of mind if it didn't!). at the end of the day it won't do any harm so my view would be to give it a go! x

  • I've been having acupuncture regularly for a few months now. We're towards the end of our first round (egg collection is on Tuesday) so it's too early to say if it has made a difference but I see her every week and she makes me feel so calm! My acupuncturist is Zita West approved too. I've just found that having someone to look after you every week throughout the process is just such a comfort. The clinical staff are great but they are busy people whereas the acupuncture gives you a whole hour of undivided attention! I'd recommend it xx

  • Thanks for your reply I well I had my first one on Tuesday and next one this Wednesday wasn't sure as I lay there but when I got to get up I did was so relaxed ,I even got a sleep which I haven't been doing a lot of so gonna stick with it.good luck ☘xx

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