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Thoughts on IVF and Acupuncture? Worth it?

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Sorry guys for another post and question. It is one of those days to day,

What are everyone's thoughts on acupuncture and IVF? I have heard that it can really increase your chances of success and i am thinking of booking an appointment.

We have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. The IVF clinic have said that our chances of success are high. I have had a google and from what I've read, acupuncture would not benefit us. However, there are so many conflicting stories.

Has anyone tried it? Do you think it is worth a go or a waste of time and money? x

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Hi missN

I tried acupuncture with my first round of icsi, i found it very relaxing throughout the treatment but it didn’t make an impact on my results I got a BFN. My fet I used the ivf mindfulness app rather than acupuncture purely because it was cheaper 😂 and got a BFP (ended in MC 😢)

I also heard different things about it and wanted to give it a go but am not convinced it can improve the chances of the treatment but it’s a great way to relax xx

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What is the ivf app please?

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It’s called ‘mindful ivf’ xx

I’d definitely recommend acupuncture but make sure you find someone who specialises in fertility. I’ve had it 4/5 cycles and it helps me feel more relaxed and like I’m actually in control of my journey xx

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Well, the relaxing part is undeniably there. That's what it's meant to do... undo the stress, and bring about a psychological and physiological rejuvenation... a sense of optimism. But as I already mentioned it does not really aid fertility directly. I've been suggested 3 sessions during my IUI which I straightly denied. And trust me they usually present the pregnancy acupuncture in a way as if it is some alternative to avoid IVF or surrogacy if you're clinically in need of either of it (or at least my clinic did). It helps but only the way any other meditation or spa or simple binge and Netflix to stay happy and relaxed would help you. I'm not against going for it but then there's nothing like the way they say... get a fertility acupuncture specialist. You'll still need an expert medical team to deal with your infertility on a clinical level.

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Did I ever suggest you wouldn’t need an expert medical team? No, I said was I would recommend it and yes you can find an acupuncturist who specialises in fertility as I’ve been seeing one for the last 17 weeks of my pregnancy. It’s personal choice if you want to try it or not and I’ve given my opinion; for me helping to relieve my stress while going through IVF and pregnancy so far has been a very important part.

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HiI have had acupuncture for all sorts of things over the years and I think it has greatly benefited me. Unfortunately it didn’t benefit me in ivf as I had 2 failed cycles. I think it can help just with relaxation and mood etc which is a great help. I think it’s worth it. Unfortunately my acupuncturist has stopped practising and therefore I will be doing FET without acupuncture as I have struggled to settle with anyone else.

I did acupuncture but chose to do it on the build up to transfer. I had one session a week a few weeks before transfer then on the day of transfer before and after. I got my bfp but not sure how whether acupuncture helped to get the result. It was very relaxing and I think helped with the stress on the day of transfer immensely. X

Hi! I started my 3rd cycle on Tuesday (I've never done acupuncture) but I've booked in, albeit a little late, for a session next week. I have blood clotting issues (with low amh and now rectified uNK cells) and I think my main issue is with implantation so I'm throwing every thing I can at this cycle so I have no regrets xx

Hi MissN

I tried acupuncture last cycle for 2 reasons: 1- I have back issues and it can help with that.m, 2- I wanted to feel I had tried it all and not have regrets...

I was not convinced at all, but to be honest, it helped a lot for stress management and also back pain issues! Plus, I’m currently pregnant (after 6 attempts) so maybe help a bit, who knows!

Wishing you all the best for your IVF journey


Hi MissN, good luck on your forthcoming treatment, great to hear your chances are already high!

I had accupuncture and found it incredibly relaxing.

I had it during ivf 1 and became pregnant but sadly lost that baby, then had it again more recently in preparation for ivf in January but have now become pregnant naturally. I can't say it was the accupuncture, I was also taking various supplements and I'd briefly started an ivf hypnosis cd but I'm sure anything that relaxes us through this stressful process is worth trying!

Massive luck to you xxx

Well, a lot many women might disagree but I personally feels that acupuncture might help you relax and revitalise which is important and much needed during IVF or any other assisted fertility procedures... but it does not have any effect on whether or not the attempt will be successful. So, just like good lifestyle changes, vitamin C or increased mineral intake to aid the fertility acupuncture is just an add-on that might prove to be helpful in other ways but not a fertility aid.

Hi there. I did try it for one cycle. It was quite an added expense and sadly we didn’t achieve a pregnancy from the cycle. That said, I did find the appointments relaxing and good for me in an holistic sense xx

Hi there

I had acupuncture whilst we were trying to conceive naturally. When we had IVF we found out our issue was with DH so for our first round of IVF I didn’t have acupuncture and he did. This ended up in a BFN. On our third round (our second was cancelled halfway) I did acupuncture and DH didn’t and we got a BFP and we now have 8 month old twins. I would highly recommend. I found it relaxed me massively along with doing the Headspace (meditation) app. Hope that helps. Xx

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