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Hi girls and boys!

I have just thought about it and now I am curious whether this is only me who prefers to not follow any fertility treatment related groups or stuff just in case someone can see what I am up to. I do not know maybe you will find it bad or something but I think that this is very personal and only people with whom I am very close know about anything. I am reading the articles and news updates when I am logged off my fb page and can be sure that I keep my fertility history private

I know about privacy settings on fb, that you can possibly hide your activities (but I am not sure though) but this is not only a fb thing. it is just that I think that it is quite personal and I do not want to share my fertility journey with anybody who can see my fb page.

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  • I think these reactions comes from your own perception of your body and your health issues. You should not be ashamed of who you are and of what you are going through. People can be mean but the majority of people are very open and kind and of course, you should be doing whatever you think is better for you but if this decision was taken because of the fear of others perception I think that it is always better to acceept yourself rather than to be constantly under this pressure.

  • Thank you for such an open and straight forward reply. I definitely feel like I get no support in my life and that my facebook friends are totally not about fertility issues and treatments, I am afraid they do not even know anything about this so I can't wait for them to understand me and my issues, that's why I have left all of the attempts to be clear and open before them just because I feel like it won't pay off at all.

    I am under this pressure and I feel like this won't end till I am done with everything. I feel like maybe I should just stick to forums and to my offline life more than to what people call a normal life.

  • well, you obviously cannot blame them for living their lives and no one actually makes you do it for that everyone knows what is going on with your life!

    Do whatever is the best for you! I cannot tell you to sit on facebook for the whole day and share your posts about fertility or infertility. it'd make me uncomfortable too. :)

  • Hi kweenoflove. Don't know whether I can be of any help to you, but if you want you could email me in confidence to the emails come to me only. Diane

  • Thank you for offering to email you! I really appreciate it, I might use this opportunity, really! Because I feel like you are a very experienced and professional and I do not know whether my small problems are worth to be even discussed....

    Anyways, I really appreciate it! I will consider it and maybe, I hope you do not mind, that if maybe in the future I have some questions - I'll ask you?

    lots of love! xx

  • No problem. I would be delighted to help if I can. Remember, even if you think it is a silly question, it's not to me. Thinking of you. Diane

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