starting my treatment soooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited to finally start my treatment!! You don’t even know how excited I am, like this is the day, this is the moment when I make my first step into this brand new world. We have been postponing this for the longest time and now yoohoo!!! I am here writing this post!

Ok, as you can see I am a newbie on this forum but I am sure I am not the latest when it comes to the knowledge concerning fertility treatment. I have been doing my fertility treatment research for a couple of years already. Of course I wouldn’t call myself a specialist but I would not say that I know nothing either. Haha.

Ok. Long story short I am infertile due to my age, I am 52 and my ovaries don’t work anymore. So.. we are opting for donor egg in vitro fertilization treatment! Too many words I know.

Now the problem was that in our country this particular type of the fertility treatment is banned (still after reading too many articles on this I don’t understand why). We of course found the option for us but so you understand we were struggling for some time not knowing what to do in this kind of a situation. I hope you understand that no one is prepared for such a thing when it suddenly happens, right? So we weren’t either.

My husband, the sweetest person ever, as we have done some tests, he is perfectly fine, so the conclusion says that this is only female factor infertility (I am really sorry I can’t operate those terms perfectly yet, I hope when the treatment starts, I will become even more fluent in all of this).

But it was clear right? I am 52 and my ovaries stopped working it’s been years. Don’t ask me why we didn’t think about having kids earlier, I guess it was all due to our work, we both were very busy and having kids would’ve gotten in a way of us building our carriers you know… so yeaah, it is now when we are sitting on a pile of our savings we can say that it is perfectly fine for us having kids. and I think we are very lucky to live today when you can get pregnant with a help of fertility specialists.

Ok, I wanted the story to be short but whatever haha

Anyways, I am having 3 initial consultations in 3 different clinics next week. 3 is the perfect number for us actually, it’s been 30 years since we got married and 3 years since we began to think about having kids, so…!

Let’s go!

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  • Welcome Ket! That's ok to have children at that age, really, and there's nothing you should be ashamed for.

    Well done, good start. choosing a clinic is a half of your entire journey, so be careful. It would be nice if you keep us updated with some detailes of your consultations.

    Good luck to you!x

  • Oh okay! I will then! I am kind of excited and worried at the same time. like when you are coming to another country and there is everything new and unfamiliar. I am nervous when it comes to starting the treatment but in another country! wooh, the strangest feeling!

    but I am like calm because i know that I will be getting a lot of support from my manager, but still gosh this is a whole new world for me! thank you so much for wishing me luck.

    ps you know what my precious husband already prepared his new camera, he says that he wants to film every single step of our fertility journey, oh my god. i guess men and women are indeed very different.

  • Hello. I know how you feel! last week I didn't even think I would find a clinic and the decision of having ivf would be made so so fast. The closer the date, the more I'm nervous...god. I'll be in a clinic at this time on Mon. I'm sure I won't be calm. Envy your selfcontrol.

    BTW which clinics did you chose?

  • Oh wow, I can feel your excitement here sitting at my desk at home haha

    you know, this is the best mood you can be in when starting the treatment, you have to see everything in a good light, stay positive! Hope you will find the perfect clinic for you!

    good luck!

    keep posting xx

  • right? i am very excited and happy if i can be that before even choosing the clinic and having a baby!! i know, i have read a lot of posts on how to behave yourself when on the treatment. so I am practicing this positive mentality thing i hope will help me with getting pregnant!


    oh I am now planning to create my own blog or something, because my hubby is already prepared for his "trip". i think he forgot the reason why we are going to Ukraine haha

  • Haha I love your excitement kattemargery - wishing you lots of luck with your journey x x x

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