Does having the 2ww off work increases chances of a BFP

Hello ladies! I'm due to have egg collection/transfer the week commencing 6th June and wondered what your thoughts/experiences are into either going back to work or being signed off. I will be able to have the first week as hol but would need to be signed off for the second. I did originally think that I would go back to work, however now its getting closer i'm thinking that maybe I should have both weeks off just to relax at home with my dogs and take them on walks everyday which always destresses me. Any advice regarding this and if you think it helped you either way get your BFP then it would be much appreciated ☺️Xx

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  • Hi, I had my EC yesterday and took that day off and today to recover.  I think you need at least two days to recover and that is what the hospital recommend.  I was able to take these two days off as sick leave as I was having an anaesthetic.  I have transfer on either Thursday or Saturday this week and will try and ensure I have at least 3-4 days of rest at home before going back to work.  I'm not going to take the whole 2 weeks off because I want to try and save my leave and I think I will just get bored sitting around at home.  It may help to be at work to keep me distracted from the long 2ww.  I will however be very cautious and ensure work stress is kept to an absolute minimum x

  • Thank you Tara for your reply. I hope yesterday went well and you get good news later 😄 I was thinking the same as you, but just woke up thinking differently today. Maybe its because i'm due to start my tablets on thurs and now its hitting me that its all real now! My hubbys been in hospital for the last 2weeks with a chrons flare up, so hoping he'll be home this weekend. I'm prob just having a wobble day! xx

  • I got good news, 6 were fertilised 😊 I know what you mean it is possibly the easiest and safest option to stay at home and relax.  What harm can it do and if you can afford to stay at home I would.  If you also feel you won't get bored or fed up then it's a good idea.  I'm gonna see how work goes tomorrow and then decide about whether or not to take time off for the 2ww x

  • Brilliant news on your embies 😄 I bet your very happy right now! Fingers and toes crossed for the rest of the week for you ☺️ Xx

  • After numerous failed attempts this time round I tool 2 weeks off and literally stayed in bed chilling.  Worked from me I'm due in 2 weeks 

    Good luck x

  • Thank you samrakker, this is what i've been thinking today. I think because I've suffered numerous natural miscarriages i'm now wanting to give the first round as much as I can as although a BFP is what we all want, I know too well thats its just literally the first step and all my issues happen afterwards. Would mean me taking unpaid leave, which would normally stress me out, but for one week that we can just about afford it. So happy that its all worked out for you this time! Brilliant news xx

  • If you can afford to manage a week take it off and relax and do nice things x 

  • We're all different so might be a case of wait and see. You'll need a couple of days to get over the EC and general anaesthetic. I worked during all 3 of my 2ww as I found the distraction helpful, I worked slightly shorter days and worked from home if I was tired or didn't want to be around people. If your job is physically demanding or potentially dangerous you might want to be signed off for the 2 ww. No hoovering, ironing or heavy housework either! 

    Good luck.

  • A lot will depend on what your job is and if it's physical or stressful. If it's either of these then I would def suggest taking the time off. It also depends if you can keep your mind occupied during the 2 week wait. It's a great time to complete a project that you never get round to doing!

    Ultimately do what you think is best for you and regardless of results have no regrets! 

  • I stayed off and relaxed and this time round.  Drove myself mad obviously with thinking... and tested day 6 lol 

    But for me it worked some people say keep busy at work ... I  personally think resting up did a world good and giving that embryo a chance to get comfy instead of being onthe go.  I didn't want any what ifs if it didn't work hence this time I gave it my all. I stayed off work until 14 weeks in the end due to bleeding... good luck xx

  • Hi,

    I took nearly 2 weeks off and just relaxed, went for nice walks, met friends for lunch :-).  But my job is very physical and shift work on top of that, so would have been more stressed going to work, thinking it would affect the outcome.  Had ET twice, both BFP but miscarried first time at 7 and half weeks, am now 35 weeks :-)

    Good luck


  • I had 2 weeks off and relaxed drive me mad but was also nice to just chill and have an excuse not to do the house work 😜 I'm now very impatiently waiting for a little girl to arrive due on Friday!! 

    Good luck 😘😘 

  • I would take the whole 2 weeks off. I did and it worked for us, our baby girl is now 12 weeks old. I thought I needed to give it our best shot and to me this meant stress free living for 2 weeks, so I watched TV, went for lots of walks, caught up with friends and ate lots of fresh fruit and veg. Pineapple is meant to be good for implantation, especially the core so I ate a slice of fresh pineapple a day. I also didn't drive for the 2 weeks. Good luck xx

  • Wow! Thank you all so much for your replies 😊 I've been over to the hospital to see my hubbie today, which made me feel better, and over lunch we discussed the above and have decided i'll take the full 2ww off, otherwise I know if I didn't and it didn't work i'd only be thinking 'what if'. I left the police after my third and most upsetting miscarriage as I felt like the pressure of the job and the fact I hardly saw my hubbie who had been told he would need a bowel removal because of his chrons was maybe a reason for my miscarriages and hated that everyone knew I was pregnant before my own family (because of having to declare it as soon as I knew because of a previous ectopic) to then return to work back in uniform several weeks later for everyone to then know i'd miscarried and people I wasn't even close too gossiping about me.,It was horrible, and one person,  meven implied in a roundabout way that maybe I was 'faking my pregnancies' to get out of shift work!!! 😡 I now work for a bank 5 mins walk from my house and love it 😉 No shifts, and no pressure, and more importantly quality time together with my hubbie!! Sadly I still had another ectopic after leaving the police, which I now know all my miscarriages were prob down to my hydrosalpinx, So although my job doesn't give me much pressure i'm going to take the full 2ww and sit and make my wedding album that i've been meaning to do for months ☺️ Of which will make me feel happy, relaxed and keep me busy! Thank you all for your replies and support! xx

  • I stayed off work for all 3 fresh cycles all ended BFN went to work with this our only FET and got a BFP I doubt it made any difference however I think it was just the quality of our egg. Good luck to you x

  • Hi baby2016 im due to have EC/ET week of 6th June too!  I was originally thinking I'd work through the 2ww to keep my mind distracted, but having read all the comments from our lovely ladies I'm thinking I need to get some time booked off. I do an office job, so nothing physically demanding, although I can get stressed at times so might be best to chill out at home. I didn't want to use up too much holiday in case we need to do more rounds - I'm 42, been trying for years and had a mc last year so the odds are all stacked against me. Right, sod it, decision made, I'm going to book a week off now!! Good luck with your treatment xxx

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